Zhan Zhuang Qigong Introduction Workshop with Peter Caughey

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ZZQ intro 2.jpeg

Zhan Zhuang Qigong Introduction Workshop with Peter Caughey


2019 | May 16-19 | 09:00 - 17:00 daily

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with Master Qigong Practitioner Peter Caughey

Developing Stillness, Peace and Strength

Advance your daily health practice by gaining a deeper understanding of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine using the Zhan Zhuang Qigong system, which means "standing like a post".

  • Develop self-awareness, balance, perseverance and discipline.

  • Create more energy, strength and stamina in your body.

  • Learn the medical applications and theory for each exercise as you develop your sensitivity of the movement of Qi in yourself and others.

  • Learn how to develop a quiet mind and an open heart, and gain a greater sense of purpose in your life through the practice of Qigong.

This course gives the student 30 hours toward their 200-hour Certified Forest Rock Qigong Teacher qualification


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Master Qigong Practitioner, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist and Master Qigong Healer.

Peter Caughey is an internationally renowned healer and teacher with over 25-years of experience. Peter is a member of the World Academy Society of Medical Qigong.

His mission is to help people discover their true essence and live with abundant freedom.