Sky Yoga Flow Teacher Training with Shae Lamond and Pedro Salazar


Sky Yoga Flow Teacher Training with Shae Lamond and Pedro Salazar

from 305.00

2019 | November 18 - 22 | 07:00 - 15:30
2020 | January 27 - 31 | 07:00 - 15:30
2020 | March 9 - 13 | 07:00 - 15:30
2020 | April 13 - 17 | 07:00 - 15:30
2020 | September 7 -11 | 07:00 - 15:30
2020 | December 7 - 11 | 07:00 - 15:30

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The Innovative Art of Sky Yoga

Sky Yoga classes are a unique offering you can share with your students as you all become part of the Sky Yoga community.

Throughout our trainings, we create a holistic experience of exploring pranayama, mediation, philosophy, alignment, adjustments, anatomy, clear cueing, sequencing and teaching practice. All is specifically tailored to our silky Sky Yoga Hammocks, and to your own personal style of learning and teaching.

Where yogic grounding meets sky energy. The technique of Sky Yoga is a holistic practice designed to both challenge your body and mind, whilst providing therapeutic benefits using the play of gravity with our Sky Yoga Hammocks.

Our trainings aim to give you the confidence to lead powerful, intelligent and super fun and nourishing suspension yoga classes. Your asana practice will deepen. You will embrace your authentic self and find your voice. You will learn to empower others and hold space for transformation.



The dynamic practice of Sky Yoga Flow is akin to the grounded yoga ‘Vinyasa’ experience. We utilise the hammock to support the body in Sky Yoga Postures, in a flowing sequence that moves with the breath. We strengthen and stretch, allowing an integration to create mobility and stability in the body. Fused with acrobatic postures, this style is an opportunity for you to explore your edges and challenge yourself, and others, through this training.



All of the 5-day trainings are open to anyone, so you are most welcome to join even if you have already completed a Sky Training, if you’d like to delve into those Sky foundations again. Though for those who have completed a training, in the past or in any of these 5-day formats, then you have the opportunity to take the 3-day specific style option, as a 20-hour training format. 

The first two days of each of our trainings focus on the Foundations of the Sky Yoga Practice. This includes terminology, introductory anatomy, teaching methodologies and general Sky Hammock safety, use and technique.

The 3 days following are where we dive into the specific practice (Flow, Restorative or Core, depending on which training you choose). This is where we hone our skills in this particular area in a more detailed and practical way.



2019 | April 10 - 12
2019 | June 5 - 7
2019 | August 28 - 30
2019 | November 20 - 22
2020 I January 29 - 31
2020 I March 11 - 13
2020 I April 15 - 17
2020 I September 9 -11
2020 I December 9 - 11

Price: $305 USD

*Only for students that have completed another SKY YOGA training previously. 

2019 | April 8 - 12
2019 | June 3 - 7
2019 | August 26 - 30
2019 | November 18 - 22
2020 I January 27 - 31
2020 I March 9 - 13
2020 I April 13-17
2020 I September 7 -11
2020 I December 7 - 11

Price: $500 USD



You will leave this course with a 35-hours Yoga Alliance Accredited Continuing Education Certification. This course is compulsory for all new people taking any SKY YOGA Training for the 1st time.


You will leave this course with a 20-hours Yoga Alliance Accredited Continuing Education Certification. This is only available to those who have completed a Sky Training in the past.

These courses certify you with continuing education hours to add to your Yoga Alliance registration, if you are already a teacher. If you are not yet a teacher, you are very welcome to join us for the training, as it is a wonderful gift to yourself for your own practice, or to one day share in the future if it calls to you



  • Monday – Friday | 07:00 - 3:30

  • Compulsory attendance and assistance in public SKY YOGA Classes

  • Adequate break times to enjoy Ubud and other yoga offerings at the studio



These trainings are all held in the home studio of Radiantly Alive, Ubud. Surrounded by lush jungle in the heart of Ubud, you’ll find time also to explore the area and indulge in the incredible yoga and food options during the training. Though we always suggest coming days (or even weeks) earlier, and leaving a few days free after the training to really soak up the goodness.

We’ll accept up to 18 trainees, which is the capacity of our room.


Having a meal package as you train is an easy way to nourish yourself with our home-style, comforting, vegan and vegetarian foodand great to save time and energy. With your meals ready to greet you on our break, it’s a nice addition to focus on resting and rejuvenating, to go back into your training fresh and clear.


3 Day-Snack-Lunch-Package $27 USD (Incl. 10% tax and 5% service charge)
5 Day-Snack-Lunch-Package $44 USD (Incl. 10% tax and 5% service charge)

All you need to do is choose the option “Training + Meal Package” when you book online. Check out our trainings lunch menu here. The prices are based on one dish per meal every day of your training.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional drinks and snacks excluded. We wish to give you the daily option to choose what your tummy is craving. As all our meals are made fresh per order, please have a look at our menu and select your favoured dish in advance, preferably one day or a few hours before, e.g. mornings before your training day starts on our meal pre-order forms. You will find those at the cashier in the café. 



Shae is devoted to sharing her passion for health and wellness in body and mind. As a Yoga Teacher, she guides her classes with an infusion of Mindfulness techniques, Yoga philosophy, empowering movement and nourishing love. Shae has successfully completed her 200hrs YTT with Louisa Seer of Yoga Arts and 300hrs of Training with Radiantly Alive. She is certified through Yoga Alliance with E-RYT 200, RYT 500 and YACEP (Yoga alliance Continuing Education Provider).

She has assisted on a range of grounded and aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings to broaden her facilitation skills, as well as offer her insight and teaching to practitioners (Assister/Co-Teacher on Level 1 & 2 Sky Yoga YTT with Radiantly Alive & Acacia Jade). She believes that all movement - of both the body and the mind - is where we can shift our energies, find inner transformation, and cultivate a sense of freedom and compassion for ourselves, and others.

Personally trained by the founder of Sky Yoga, Acacia Jade (, Shae has dived deeply into the world of Aerial Suspension Yoga with joy and passion.

The challenge of a Sky Yoga practice gives people a feeling of empowerment. Her fitness and extensive dance background is seen in her style of graceful, sweaty, physical and creative flow classes. Instructing all levels of students into complex Aerial postures is deeply gratifying for Shae; “Seeing people’s eyes light up, and feeling their celebration for themselves when they have done something they never thought they could do is the most amazing thing to share.”

Her love of teaching soft, gentle and yin style Yoga classes is also how Shae became drawn to teaching and creating balanced, nurturing and deeply relaxing restorative Sky Yoga classes. The hammock suspension allows people to feel supported, embraced, and gives them permission to lie back, let go and absorb the nourishment.


RA Areal Yoga 14_smaller.jpg


Pedro is a teacher of different styles of yoga, such as Hatha, Vinyasa and Aerial Yoga. Among all of them, he is a passionate Aerial Yoga teacher, a technique he dived into 3 years ago. Since his training, he has assisted on 15 Aerial and Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Pedro’s purpose as a Sky Yoga instructor is to empower students in giving the space to face and overcome their fears when practicing this challenging style.

Drawing from this self study and experience, he offers a deep focus of safety and alignment of using the Sky Yoga Hammock, to support a flowing and healthy practice.

Pedro facilitates a truly uplifting experience in the versatility of all Sky Yoga Elements; uplifting flow, strengthening core, and healing therapeutics.