Bhakti Immersion with Audrey Sarquilla


Bhakti Immersion with Audrey Sarquilla

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2019 I May 25- May 30 I 7:30 - 10:30 I 12:00 - 15:30

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A Mystical & Musical Journey Harmonizing your head with your Heart, Bhakti Bliss!


For Seekers, Yogis, and Yoga Teachers! This is for practitioners of all types, including therapists, coaches, and yoga teachers that want to bring more devotion - Bhakti - into their work, family, and daily life. Especially wonderful for those who want to Immediately inspire their teaching and bring more Bhakti into their classes.


Every Key Aspects we will explore: 

  • Every Morning we will begin with Hindustani Vocal Warm up exercises called Sargam -
    this is Vinyasa for your Voice! Then Bhakti Vinyasa flow classes and/or led story about leading kirtan, or leading a Bhakti Vinyasa Flow class.

  • How to lead chanting - break up into groups and practice chant/kirtan.

  • Basic harmonium skills.

  • The law of polarity and mystery of attraction between universal masculine and feminine within. Stories of the deities/aspects of the self we invoke through chanting.

  • Receive Bhakti Yoga themes for life that uncover your soul’s purpose.

  • Upgrade your offerings to your students, classes, coaching, private sessions.

  • What devotion means in our own lives.

  • Expression through sound and voice - the science behind singing our emotions out and healing our traumas (even better than talking about them).

  • Create a daily Sadhana (practice) through mantra and meaning.

  • English translations of Sanskrit chants – learn correct pronunciation of Sanskrit.

  • Create your spiritual manifesto and dive into your soul’s purpose.

No musical Experience Required:
No musical ability and/or training is required for this program as all students will have opportunities to nurture their own unique chanting voice and musicality in a supportive atmosphere of like-hearted others.
*If you have an Instrument, bring it, but not necessary.


Price includes BHAKTI Immersion experience and guidebook. Registered Yoga Alliance Teachers are eligible for 50 Continuing Education Hours.


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Bhakta, Tantrika, Yogini, Audrey’s offerings come from over 26 years of a multi-lineage practice. Teaching yoga for 17 years, she is grateful to her many teachers for awakening her on the Yogic Path. She offers up her whole heart to her students, sharing philosophical gems of understanding and awareness, expressed with humor, love and humility.
Audrey Created White Peacock Yoga School in 2013, accredited by Yoga Alliance for 200hr, 300hr and CE Trainings. She Inspires a Sacred Container for her trainings allowing each individual to get a Multi-Dimensional experience of self-discovery and self-empowerment, to take their yoga and share it with the world