Nordic summer of bhakti with sanna devi dasi & vijay krsna

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2019 | AUGUST 7 - 11

A unique opportunity to dive into the sweet ocean of Bhakti and create real transformation in your life.  Practice yoga, learn about the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy and sing/chant your heart out and experience the tranquil & serene setting of the Finnish archipelago.

Bhakti is intense yearning for spiritual love and devotion for the divine. One of the corner stones of Bhakti is devotional singing. We lose ourselves in music and get a glimpse of the state of higher-self (non ego). Bhakti Yoga is the most direct method to experience the unity of mind, body and spirit.

Temple of Light Priestess Healing Arts

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2019 | August 15 - 21

Join Devi Ma, Jo Lewins, and Joy Maziar in an immersion of the Priestesses of the Golden Age. 

Our earth is going through a collective shift with mass changes taking place all around the planet and we as women are needing to align with a deeper connection to the Divine Feminine.

Meditation and mystic healing retreat with pedro salazar



2019 | SEPTEMBER 6 - 8

Are you yearning to disconnect from the outer world and reconnect with the vast unexplored inner world of your being?

Join Pedro in this Meditation and Mystic journey to rediscover the beauty that lies within you, releasing tension, anxiety and stress that our current lifestyles often create…


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2019 | OCTOBER 21 - 26

Join Shae on this rich sensual experience, where women from all ages, cultures and walks of life come together to connect to the wisdom that our body knows. To remember the truth that our true power and pleasure is rooted in our feminine energy.

There is nothing to 'find' or 'create' or even 'fix' - we need only to CLAIM her…


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2019 | OCTOBER 21 - 25

Rediscover the essence of Women in this transformational immersion on the sacred land of Bali. A journey into the Remembrance of the Divine Feminine archetypes, and ways in which to activate these energies in your own life.

As the planet is Awakening to deeper levels of spiritual consciousness, there is a greater importance for us as Women to unite, rejuvenate and raise our consciousness to the next level of our Soul’s purpose. We will combine Yogic and Shamanic Practices that will support your journey of Awakening.


10 day India RETREAT WITH AUDREY and jasmine



2020 I MARCH 16 - 25

High above the silvery flow of the Ganges River, on a swaying suspension bridge, you find the remote town of Rishikesh, India. Its magnetic vibe attracts many spiritual seekers and religious pilgrimages. Not only because of the healing powers of the Ganges, but because this town is the birthplace of Yoga.

Vive Bali retreat with
Jasmine & Loly



2020 | JUNIO 1 - 8

¿Te gustaría venir a la “Isla de los Dioses” con nosotras?

Es hermosa, es mágica, y tenemos la suerte de llamarla nuestro “segundo” hogar.

Vive Bali RETREAT es nuestra creación de la semana soñada. Vamos a practicar Yoga juntos y te vamos a enseñar nuestros lugares favoritos, algunos turísticos, otros más locales.

Acompáñanos en este viaje para descubrir porqué amamos tanto este pedacito de cielo en la tierra. Ven y ¡Vive Bali!

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