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Get comfy and nourish up with our wholesome food that makes you feel right at home. Our meals are crafted with love, cherished and blessed by our Radiantly Alive family. All meals are 100% plant-based, organic and locally sourced where possible, enriched with love and cultivated to nourish body and soul.

Just like we say “come for yoga, stay for family” perhaps now you’ll “come for yoga… and stay for the food!” ;-)

OPENING HOURS | 8am - 9.30pm


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As you dive into any of our trainings, enjoy a range of plant-based meals from our healthy RA studio Cafe to fuel your body and mind for a special price.

Having a meal package as you train is an easy way to nourish yourself with our home-style, comforting, vegan and vegetarian food, and it's a great way to save time and energy. With your meals ready to greet you on break-time, it’s a nice addition for you to focus on resting and rejuvenating, to go back into your training fresh and clear.


Depending which meal package makes sense for your trainings time set up, we offer you either a Breakfast & Lunch Package, only Lunch Package, or Snack & Lunch Package. You can book your food package online within the booking pages for your training.

If you sign up in person, of course you can also choose your meal package with our lovely café staff. 

PLEASE NOTE: We wish to give you the daily option to choose what your tummy is craving. As all our meals are made fresh per order, please have a look at our menu and select your favoured dish in advance, preferably one day or a few hours before, e.g. mornings before your training day starts on our meal pre-order forms. You will find those at the cashier in the café. 

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