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in resonance coaching

If you are like many of us, you struggle to use your voice in a way that fully and accurately articulates your truth. You want to show up as the honest, powerful and dynamic person that you are, yet struggle to clarify and communicate your inner world in a way that is heard, respected, and understood.
As a Resonance Coach (Life + Voice Coach), I will support you in developing the skills and awareness to clarify your inner world and articulate the fullness of your unique VOICE with grace, integrity, and impact.


What might you expect in a session?

  • Vocal techniques: toning & vocal exercises.

  • Somatic skills: Create connection between your body & communication

  • Discernment: Clarify your thinking so that you can express yourself effectively

  • Spiritual and Connecting practices: Mantra, meditation, etc.

  • Coaching: Active listening & insightful questions to help you recognize & lead your own path in claiming your voice.



IGNITE Session (1-hr): $125

*Great to get a jump start on a specific vocal development or clarify a current situation.

AWAKEN Session (2-hrs): $235

*The AWAKEN session is a great way to gain a holistic perspective and assessment of your unique voice and personal expression in the world.


*   The ‘Radiant Voice’ package is a fantastic way to lay a new foundation for your voice and expression. This package will allow you to not only learn about your voice but create a personal practice that will support your ongoing evolution.

Duration: 1 week

Sessions: AWAKEN (2-hr) and 2 X 1-hour sessions (3 Sessions total)



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Please call our reception to make an appointment at

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You can pay for your treatment at reception or through PayPal and bring the receipt with you to your appointment.