At Radiantly Alive we are interested in the most powerful and direct way to restore and improve your Radiance. We’ve brought together an incredible team of therapists from various modalities who deliver palpable and powerful results. From modern to traditional, our guideline is what works, offering you the same treatments we would give to our own mother on her birthday.

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5-DAY Yoga therapy & detox program


The human body regulates itself through a process called Homeostasis. When we teach the body how to live and move in healthy, stable shapes, there is less energy being trapped, rerouted and lost in simple maintenance. This energy can then be utilized in self healing and cleansing, leading us to the freedom and ease to live life to the fullest.


  • is designed to provide you with a guided self-healing plan
  • will rejuvenate your whole body through a systematic cleanse
  • will renew the primary body functions such as movement, digestion, immunity and overall well being
  • starts every Monday
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  • 3 x Yoga Therapy Sessions | 90 minutes each
  • 2 x Colonic Irrigation Therapies | 60 minutes
  • 1 x Craniosacral Therapy | 60 minutes
  • 1-week unlimited Yoga Pass | Monday – Sunday
  • 4 filtered Juices (600ml per juice) & 1 Soup (300ml) per day (all fresh & organic)

Book min. 3 days in advance (Latest Friday before the program starts on Monday.)

For more information on the complete program, please visit: radiantlyalive.com/yogatherapyanddetox

$789 USD  |  10.670.000 IDR  |  5 days

balinese healing package

With Ketut Yoga

This is a unique therapeutic experience that works with both the subtle energetic system, and physical body for holistic healing. 

Ketut will begin with 15 minutes of pranic healing to rebalance the aura and harmonize chi in the body. This enables the life force (prana and chi) to flow more freely through your whole being.

Acupuncture will then release any energy blocks that show up physically in the body’s meridians (energy enters) for the next 45 minutes. This involves the specific placement of small needles gently into the body.

Ketut will then end and integrate with his signature 60 minute healing massage. His intuitive touch will soothe muscular tension and promote circulation to enable freedom and lightness through the body. You will leave with a deep feeling of balance and harmony in your whole being. 

$90 USD  |  1.290.000 IDR  |  120 minutes

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PRANIC Acupuncture

With Ketut Yoga

Ketut Yoga offers this unique therapy, which integrates the wisdom of East and West healing techniques.

Prana means ‘life force’. The principle of Pranic Healing is that physical ailments and illness first appear as energetic disruptions in the auric body, before resulting in physical discomfort. Yoga assesses the body’s pranic vibration, diagnosing any imbalance observed.

This energetic healing is blended with Acupuncture, the Chinese system of needle penetration. Ketut transfers energy through the needle to the body to restore balance and health.

For trauma clearing, general imbalance, or physical ailments such as headache, digestive discomfort, stress related disease and immune and circulatory depletion.

$65 USD  |  850.000 IDR  |  60 minutes


Astrological Counseling


Astrological Counseling_New-2.jpg

The moment of your birth is a snapshot of your life. The seed from which everything unfolds.

Through tracking the synchronistic movements of the planets in relation to the moment of birth, Astrology is a way to understand the human system in the context of the solar system.

Using the time, date and place of birth, an astrological chart will be drawn up that is uniquely and specifically YOU. In thousands of years this pattern is never repeated, as it is with any life.

Delve into the patterns of your life and the deeper rhythms at play, unlock potential energy and explore new pathways to live more fully as yourself using your unique fingerprint known as the natal chart.

$107 USD  |  1.400.000 IDR  |  90 minutes

Colon Hydrotherapy


Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of removing bodily waste and detoxifying the body without the use of drugs. At Radiantly Alive we use the ‘Gravity Method’. Benefits include clearer skin, greater energy, mental clarity, weight loss, improved circulation and stronger immunity. After a session people tend to feel clearer, lighter and more radiant.

Oka provides a safe and comfortable space for clients to release physically and emotionally, allowing for true healing to begin.

Oka has been working in holistic wellness for over a decade. Oka helps clients detoxify their bodies and better understand their own relationship to digestion. His experience and gentle Woods Method technique ensure the most thorough and painless treatment possible.

$65 USD  |  850.000 IDR  | 60 minutes


craniosacral therapy


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle non-invasive, hands-on treatment in support of whole body health and healing with a focus on the nervous system. Chris’ approach to the therapy is truly holistic, with a particular focus on psychological patterns held in the body and trauma release.

The fundamental therapeutic skills of presence and stillness are observed as the system is gently brought back in contact with the body’s innate capacity for healing and rejuvenation.

Common reasons people seek out Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy include but are not limited to Trauma Release, Chronic pain or illness, Digestive Issues, Stress Management, Nervous System Issues.

60 minutes I $68 USD I 950.000 IDR*
75 minutes | $76 USD |1.100.000 IDR
3 sessions (60 minutes) | $186 USD | 2.700.000 IDR

*Recommended for initial session




DNA Golden Ray Activation will align your etheric, physical emotional and mental bodies to hold the higher light frequencies of spiritual ascension that are being transmitted on the planet with grace and ease.

This Activation awakens your multi-dimensional body to the Christed Light frequency of balanced masculine and feminine. You will embody your True Self and begin to create your life through the reality of the Divine Human Template.

$100 USD  |  1.400.000 IDR  |  60 minutes
$150 USD  |  2.100.000 IDR  |  90 minutes

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Healing Massage therapy

With Ketut Yoga

Massage Therapy_New-01.jpeg

Experience the power of tradition coupled with the touch of modern technique.

Soothe tension and release chronic pain with a healing massage therapy session with Yoga. These unique sessions are intuitively designed to make you feel lighter and free of stuck, stale energy. Yoga’s blended approach draws from Ayurvedic, Deep Tissue, Traditional Balinese Therapeutic, Thai massage, Chinese Reflexology techniques and Pranic energy healing. Leave this muscle melting session with a fully circulated system recharged with a calm lasting energy.


• Tension release
• Muscle circulation
• Deep relaxation

$52 USD  |  675.000 IDR  |  75 minutes


WITH Joy Maziar

Joy’s Integrative Bodywork is her own unique and powerful combination of myofascial massage, cupping therapy, and essential oil therapy. This blend of alternative medicinal practices, complemented by deeply guided intuition, restores the body to it’s natural state of vibrancy and internal energy flow by releasing any trauma or stagnant energy stored within the fascia and cellular memory.

Every session is a unique experience, allowing the body to be truly nourished, and unfold into precisely what is required to come back to wholeness structurally, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Treatments last approximately 2 hours, with time allowed either side for pre-consultation and post-treatment. Joy will provide you with follow-up practices, tools, further inspirations and a guide that also includes yoga to keep your body in balance and nurtured.d.

$157 USD  |  2.200.000 IDR | 90 minutes


Medical Qigong

With Peter Caughey

Are you ready to recreate your life and take it to the next level? 

Are you wanting a complete overhaul and reset of your health, heart, mind and emotions? 

Master Qigong Practitioner, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist and Master Qigong Healer Peter Caughey is an internationally renowned healer and teacher with a practice of over 25 years. He is now offering private healing sessions to help you to revolutionise your life and to take it to the next level.

During the sessions he will help to refine your energy and align you with your life’s purpose so you can live with full vitality, freedom and passion.  

After a complete diagnosis, a combination of Medical Qigong, Acupressure, Traditional Chinese herbal remedies, Tunia massage, Spinal adjustments and life coaching may be applied. 

$150 USD  |  2.000.000 IDR  |  60 minutes

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Mystic Healing

With Pedro Salazar Frutos

Mystic Healing is the channeling and transmission of the spiritual force through a healer. In this energetic meditation practice, you'll be touched in a very gentle and loving way, which creates a space of safety for you to relax and surrender - fully held and loved unconditionally.

Through the contact with a powerful spiritual energy, you will go through an expansion and elevation of your consciousness, where you'll obtain direct experience of your inner self.

Mystic Healing allows you to experience:

• Emotional balance and mental harmony
• Total disconnection from negative mental states
• A greater sense of wellbeing and joy
• Clearing of energetic blocks from mind and body
• Access to higher levels of consciousness

$49 USD  |  675.000 IDR  |  60 minutes




reiki healing hands 2*.jpg

Reiki is an energetic system of healing, originating from Japan. This powerful yet gentle healing modality purifies your chakras and auric body, relieves stress, anxiety, depression, and supports the healing of all physical pains and chronic illness. 

Reiki works to spiritually, emotionally and physically transform all negative frequencies through high frequencies of healing light. Reiki is unconditional love opening your heart to deeper levels of love and peace.

$90 USD  |  1.260.000 IDR  |  60 minutes
$140 USD  |  1.960.000 IDR  |  90 minutes




This sound light healing is a transformational journey working on the blue print of your soul. We will be working with addictions, emotional traumas, past life memories, soul retrieval, entity removals, soul contracts and negative belief systems. 

As these energetic blockages are removed from the timelines of your soul you are free to begin to live your Souls Purpose. 

$100 USD  |  1.400.000 IDR  |  60 minutes
$150 USD  |  2.100.000 IDR  |  90 minutes

 spiritual counselling


E A.jpeg

Rini Soe has a unique way of assisting people to cope with problems. Through palm reading combined with the medium of Orchid Healing Cards, she will help you to address the roots of obstacles and unresolved issues (such as childhood and past life traumas). These aspects of ourselves influence our decision–making and attitudes, strongly affecting our social communication, career, love life, and health.

In this 90-minute reading session, Rini Soe will give you guidance on how to resolve past issues/traumas so that you will have more clarity, let things go, and move in a positive direction, leading to the achievement of your goals and happiness. Her readings cover emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects.

$142 USD I 1.850.000 IDR I 90 minutes

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