OCTOBER 21 - 26 | 2019

Join Shae on this rich sensual experience, where women from all ages, cultures and walks of life come together to connect to the wisdom that our body knows. To remember the truth that our true power and pleasure is rooted in our feminine energy.

There is nothing to 'find' or 'create' or even 'fix' - we need only to CLAIM her.

This is an experience of coming back to our natural essence. As women in a masculine world, it can be difficult to stay in our receptive, embodied and soft state of being that is inherently our feminine nature. Through work, culture, society, pace of life, and being in a constant state of giving and doing, we become disconnected to the things that light us up, fuel our feminine flame, ignite our ability to experience pleasure. Discover the natural intuitive essence within that knows how to return to this wisdom, whilst feeling a deep sense of rest and rejuvenation.

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Sometimes we seek the answers outside of us - through people, relationships, and other forms of 'filling up' to try to feel whole again. Though if you've experienced this yourself, you'll know that it doesn't last. That ultimately, the person, thing or situation isn't able to keep filling us, and we are left a little numb to life, pleasure, play and passion.

So how can we come home to our essence?

Through claiming ourselves.

Learning how to hold your own hearts, fill your own soul and dance in the delight of being who you are.

This retreat is an experience of that. We'll dance, connect, move, meditate, eat, walk, share and rest. 

ABOUT SHae Lamond


Shae Lamond is a yoga and meditation teacher, writer and feminine leader. She's been living in Bali for 4 years - the first of those years experiencing life at Bali Eco Stay, on the island's western mountain range of Mt. Batukaru. She shares this space with you from knowing deep in her cells the effect that this incredible land and healing mountain spring water can create. Under her loving guidance she offers the experience for women like her - who are yearning for a place to be, and bathe in that delicious joy of the feminine.

 From her own healing journey through mental and physical illness, Bali offered her the foundation to rest and replenish her soul, with yoga, mindfulness and meditation connecting her back to spirit. The most vital lesson she will share with you, however, is that connecting with others, embracing our bodies and moving in embodied dance and yoga can be a catalyst for transformation. From a tumultuous past leading to extensive self work, she guides from a loving and experience heart, holding space with compassion and understanding. 

 All of these insights are here for you to infuse into your own practices, life, and it is an offering for you to take on what feels right, and what most fills you and lights you up. We will meet to share our individual wisdom, support each other, connect and evolve and claim our feminine together.

 This is the art of receiving.

 Visit to learn about Shae’s work, or connect and ask anything. 


The experience



  • Learn the art of receiving to re-claim your feminine power and essence

  • Unplug and retreat from the outside world - give yourself the time and space to finally be

  • Explore freedom through movement - yoga, yummy yin practices, guided embodied dance

  • Relax and rejuvenate with spa treatments

  • Bond with yourself, make new connections, or deepen connections if you bring along family or friends

  • Learn self care and self love rituals

  • Circle with women from all walks of life to connect and share the bond of our feminine nature

  • Spend time in the untouched mountains of Bali to experience the true Bali life

  • Feel the healing power of pure water straight from the source, bathe in the waterfall and soak in the flowing streams



  • Fresh plant based meals and snacks every day

  • Daily yoga and meditation practices

  • 1 hour Balinese healing massage

  • Women’s circle, sharing and connection

  • Mindful walking and eating practices

  • Guided dance and expression exercises

  • Use of the fresh stream, natural pool and waterfall on site

  • Fresh mountain spring water to drink, straight from the source

  • Free time to be, play, explore and rest




Experience Bali like never before in a secluded oasis in the mountains, a private retreat space in one of the most beautiful and untouched places on this island - Bali Eco Stay. Here we feel supported to steep in the wisdom of the feminine and connect to nature, each other, and most of all, ourselves. 


Nestled halfway up the mountain range of Mt. Batukaru, Bali, this hidden haven is the definition of paradise in harmony with nature. Run by an Australian couple and the local Balinese landowners, you'll be transported to a relatively untouched region of Bali with a conscious desire to give back to the land and the local culture.


tracks, waterfall, yoga shala and abundance of trees right there for you to experience, there is everything you need - and more - to retreat from the world to return to yourself.

Unwind with the sounds of nature and fresh running water to return you to the simple beauty of life. 

The staff is from the surrounding villages, hired in fair distribution to allow social sustainability for those working. Your retreat leader, Shae, lived on this Eco Resort for close to 2 years and these staff are like family. You’ll be embraced with open arms and that warm Balinese smile.

With a giant swing, fresh gardens, spring water stream, walking

For more information, check out Bali Eco Stay's website



Nourish with a completely plant-based menu of permaculture grown food - almost every ingredient is grown on site and pricked fresh from the gardens daily. The retreat is inclusive 3 meals per day and snacks for 6 days.









Only 3 single bungalows available. Whole retreat is limited to max. 15 women.

We'll be in touch shortly after booking.

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4 bungalows available, each shared by 3 women (12 spaces). Whole retreat is limited to max. 15 women.

We'll be in touch shortly after booking.

Claiming Feminine Retreat - Shared Bungalow
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