WITH Joy Maziar

Joy’s Integrative Bodywork is her own unique and powerful combination of myofascial massage, cupping therapy, and essential oil therapy. This blend of alternative medicinal practices, complemented by deeply guided intuition, restores the body to it’s natural state of vibrancy and internal energy flow by releasing any trauma or stagnant energy stored within the fascia and cellular memory.

Every session is a unique experience, allowing the body to be truly nourished, and unfold into precisely what is required to come back to wholeness structurally, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Treatments last approximately 2 hours, with time allowed either side for pre-consultation and post-treatment. Joy will provide you with follow-up practices, tools, further inspirations and a guide that also includes yoga to keep your body in balance and nurtured.

$157 USD | 2.200.000 IDR | 90 minutes


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