biodynamic breath trauma release

WITH nirmoha

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The Bio-dynamic Breathwork system supports the body to naturally complete the interrupted fight or flight responses that are stored deep within the muscles and nervous system. Over time, if not resolved, this creates blockages in the body that show up as chronic pain, tension, restricted breathing, unhealthy behavioral patterns, and ultimately disease.

You will be guided to dive deeply inside yourself in a safe and gentle way through deep connected breathing, supported by movement, touch, sound, emotions and meditation.

We bring our focus inward to bring our intention out. We clear ancestral and collective traumas, as well as the trauma we’ve collected from our personal life. In our conscious awareness we can then acknowledge and integrate them into our being.

$85 USD | 1.100.000 IDR | 75 minutes
$208 USD | 2.700.000 IDR | 3 Sessions (75 Minutes+2x60 Minutes)



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