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Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Trainings

Wake Up!

Wake up! That's the message of the Yoga Teacher. It's a call to wake ourselves up first. As we do so, we increasingly live the magnificence that we are, see it in others, and guide them to realize it too.

The Radiantly Alive Yoga instructor certification courses originated in Daniel Aaron's life dedicated to yoga and awakening. Awareness of our incredible potential for happiness, and the knowledge that we are naturally encoded with everything we need to actualize it, has led Daniel on amazing journeys in the fields of health and consciousness. Yoga is an integral component of those explorations, and continues to delight him as vehicle for guiding others .

Radiantly Alive Yoga guides you to experience yourself free of false limitations and the training empowers you to assist others. Drawing on Daniel Aaron's extensive yoga practice and training (with dozens of modern masters), you will dive deeply into a spectrum of today's yogic styles. Discover how you share yoga by learning what's come before you.

In the yoga teacher trainings, we experience the essence of Yoga through a unique and holistic synthesis of the best possible methods, harmonized through the timeless wisdom of ancient scripture and philosophy applied in a contemporary context. The revolutionary models of the Radiantly Alive Yoga instructor certification programs, benefit from today's most respected yoga teachers in their field to illuminate a curriculum that is as thorough as it is diverse.

Together we create the ultimate Yogic environment for learning and transformation: a community of like-minded individuals from around the world that supports one another in living our true potential.

Every component and detail is top caliber, including the expertise of the exceptional international guest faculty brought here just for you, the natural beauty and heart of Bali, the abundant, simple luxury of Anahata Villas, the healthiest, tastiest organic living food nutrition, and so much more.

The Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Trainings offer various courses suitable for your level of experience. Whether you are already teaching, about to begin or are newly acquainted with the benefits of yoga, waking up to who you really are not only frees you to live the life you always knew was possible, it also frees others - just by being you. Deepening your skills, understanding, confidence and presence of these foundational & continuing education teacher trainings enable you to reach people more effectively through your authentic experience of yoga. It provides you with a comprehensive yoga education and exceeds the requirements for either Yoga Alliance's 200-hour or 500-hour certifications. You will dive deeply into extraordinary living, yoga and teaching.

Important Note - These trainings are not for everyone!

Though there are no physical or time requirements for the 'Level I' Yoga experience - as the state of Yoga is available to us all now - an attitude of genuine desire to immerse yourself in this intensive program, commitment to be present and participate to the best of your ability in all classes, an eagerness for challenge and a willingness to venture beyond your comfort zone, are absolutely necessary. In other words, if you're only interested in the certification, a leisurely yoga retreat or holiday, this training is not for you.
It is probable that after these trainings your life will not be the same. Seen from new heights, previous terrain may look or feel completely different. Some of the tools we play with include periods of introspection through silence, light juice fasting, exercises in exploring inter and intrapersonal awareness, and more. The Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Trainings are ideal for those who wish to create something new, to fly higher.

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About Radiantly Alive Yoga

A multi-style fusion of several great forms with heavy vinyasa influences. In addition to the phenomenal academic curriculum, enlightening philosophy, pranayama and meditation, the asana practice pulls from Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Iyengar and other playful and creative vinyasa influences.

Radiantly Alive Yoga guides you to experience yourself free of false limitations and the Training empowers you to assist others. Drawing on my extensive yoga practice and training (with dozens of modern masters), you will dive deeply into a spectrum of today's yogic styles. Discover how you share yoga by learning what's come before you.

"Daniel is a caring and dedicated yogi who has experienced the fullness of the teachings and brings that fullness to all those with whom he shares."

- David Life, co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga, author, master teacher.

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Yoga Alliance Accredited School

Radiantly Alive Yoga is a registered school with Yoga Alliance. Our teacher training programs are internationally accredited, have exclusive recognition and qualify for both 200-hr or 500-hr Yoga Alliance Registration.

The one month intensive includes 24 days of training with one day off per week. The combination of in class, contact hours together with out-of-class non-contact hours (prerequisite reading, reports and home' play) totals the hours at 300+. Yoga Alliance requires 200 hours for basic teacher training registration.

Yoga Alliance is an international governing board for yoga teachers and training programs in the United States and the rest of the world. Graduates of our program who have demonstrated an understanding of the material and complete all requirements will be eligible to register as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance. Becoming a RYT increases your status, brings you international recognition as a yoga teacher and optimizes your opportunities for employment as a yoga teacher worldwide.

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