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- "There is joy in these lovely teachers and friends. Their understanding of the limitations and potential of the human mind is the light to assist others."
(Faeng, yoga teacher and holistic therapist, Bangkok , Thailand)

- "What's great about the Radiantly Alive bunch is that they're deeply conscious and spiritual, yet what you see is just that they're easy going and having a good time. "
(Renny Meekins, physical therapist, Philadelphia)

- "I had a lot of fun. I also 'worked' hard and felt enormously grateful to be in such a supportive environment. Thank you for all that this lovely transforming retreat brought to me. I am aware of its absolute uniqueness."
(Louise Miller, Sydney)

- "I was attracted to a Radiantly Alive Retreat with Daniel because of his experience, but what made it such an incredible time was how much he cared."
(Ruth Herman, computer consultant, Singapore)

- "Daniel is a loving guide into places of challenge and freedom. Thank you for reminding me to play and have fun on this spiritual journey. Thank you for your positive, up vibrations."
(Tama Wali, designer, Mali)

- "Thank you for a lovely new year. I appreciate your effort, energy, love and vision that went into the retreat. I feel lighter, more radiant, healthier, and open. I will dance, smile and laugh my way through all the year."
(Mary Noble, teacher, Thailand)

- "The care and love that went into the raw food meals was delicious and inspiring. I really enjoyed the people that were there. Each person had wonderful qualities and everyone shared such warmth and openness - The company made being open to "possibilities" easy. "
(Lisa Safran, Occupation: Educator, Thailand)

- "This course was one of the most mentally and physically challenging things I've ever done. It was very confronting for me, as I was forced to face certain fears and insecurities that I have face on. Although I had moments of wanting to turn, run and hide, in the end this was a really beneficial experience for me as I've realised how much I am actually capable of and that I've not been pushing myself to the edge of my capability. It's also taught me how much thought and preparation truly goes into creating a brilliant yoga class and I'm so grateful for that. This course was not about a qualification, it's about creating real teachers, and I'm so lucky to have attended it.

Thank you especially to Daniel & Heather. I can see how much you care and how you won't put up with anything less than what you and your students are fully capable of. That is a sign of teachers who truly care. So thank you form the bottom of my heart!"

(Zoe Bloom, Mental Health Advocate/Yoga Teacher, UK/Australia)


What Faculty say about their experience:

yoga training class

"The Radiantly Alive Teacher Training Program is unquestionably one of the most intriguing and comprehensive courses with which I've had the pleasure to be associated. It is rare for a Teacher Training to successfully endeavour to cover so many aspects of yoga training. However, the Radiantly Alive people address meditation, pranayama, philosophy and nutrition as seriously as they do asana. All these subjects are delivered by teachers who are top notch in both skill and reputation. Indeed, it is as stimulating for the teachers to be exchanging ideas with each other as it is for the students on the receiving end of the instruction. The effectiveness of the training is further enhanced by the beauty and seclusion of the venue. It is hard to imagine how this singular training could be bettered, but, as the organizers are dedicated to constant improvement, I'm sure they'll find a way." -Edward Clark, founder of Tripsichore Yoga Theatre, London


yoga teacher certification

"I had a fabulous experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. It's a brilliant idea for students to be introduced to numerous paths of yoga over the month. I predict it will keep growing over the years and I hope to be continually involved – I will recommend it whenever I get the chance." - David Williams, first non-Indian to learn entire Ashtanga from Pattabhi Jois, Maui, HI.



meditation retreat

"Daniel Aaron is the most professional, organized and conscientious person I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His yoga teacher training is a huge gift to anyone who gets to be involved. Daniel is an amazing teacher, and his classes are the best I've ever taken. He is exceptionally thorough, present, available and grounded, which proves his teachings are coming from a deep, centered source. From the beginning to the end of the workshop he brings a passion, vibrancy and true commitment to helping his students to have a transformational experience. This is truly groundbreaking, expansion based work and I am honored and blessed to be a part of such a revolutionary project." -Elaina Love, author, chef, teacher, restaurateur, San Francisco, CA



yoga bali

"I teach in many programs and trainings around the world. What's happening here is very special. The combination of elements that Daniel's put together, from the beauty of the nature here and the villas, the food, you all living together, it's powerful. I seldom see a group so present and focused as this. You should consider yourselves very lucky." -Govinda Kai, advanced Astanga yoga teacher, Tokyo, Japan


What some Graduates say about their experience:

yoga training class

"The Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Training has changed my life. The experience opened my eyes to the treasures in the world of yoga. Daniel takes you on a journey of self discovery through nourishing gourmet raw food, challenging your body in asana practice, meditation, studying ancient texts, listening to modern philosophers and building a personal practice. Guest faculty brought a depth of knowledge to the training with an incredibly high level of expertise. This is a teacher training for current teachers or people new to the path of yoga. A bonus is the magical setting of mystical Bali. I will be back for future courses." -Janet Carscadden, physical therapist, Burlington, VT


yoga teacher certification

"If you want to strengthen your spiritual, physical, and philosophical yoga practice you can attend any teacher training. The Radiantly Alive yoga teacher training is just different: it is a process that you cannot believe or understand until you live it and be with it. You will have your own unique experience and it will change the way you stereotype yourself and everything around you. Beware: If you LOVE your life the way it is, and do NOT want it to change (i.e. get better) stay away." -Rebecca Hillary, science teacher/yoga teacher, Philadelphia, PA.



meditation retreat

"You are extraordinary! If you want to become aware of it, this is what you can do: Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Training.' Calling it a yoga teacher training wasn't really fair. It's been an education into all of life. For years I've been traveling around the world searching for something - finally now in Bali, with this 'training' I've found what I've been looking for - I've come home. Words may not have the power to express my gratitude, but nevertheless receive many thanks for what you have created for us."- Markus Gmachl, tour guide, Morocco.



  Vibrant Living yoga

"Sitting at my desk on a dull English winter day idly googling 'yoga' and 'running away from my 40th birthday' yielded some unexpected results. Four months later I emerged blinking with jetlag into the Balinese sunlight. Be prepared to physically and emotionally let go of a large quantity of toxins past. Expect to share the airy open yoga studio, set level with the swaying treetops, with butterflies, dragonflies and joyful cartwheeling swifts. Expect to be shocked at your potential. Absolutely demand to be shaken into radiant life by some of the best teachers on the planet. And fully anticipate being spat back out into your old world to find that nothing is quite the same.

I dragged my sorry carapace of misery from events of the past few years with me to Bali. And somewhere in a star-splashed night I shook it off. I danced with abandon, I laughed long and loud from the depths of my belly, I rejoiced in my own silence, listening and learning. I rediscovered my body and my creativity, I allowed my vulnerability and my tears a voice and accepted all the comfort offered, I looked without shyness into beautiful eyes and faces.oh yes, and somewhere along the line I did some yoga too and found out I could be a yoga teacher.

This stuff works. Although it couldn't stop time, I am thrilled to report that I am now 40, fabulous, and free." - Jay Kipling, UK - writer, animal welfare campaigner, PR company director.



yoga training class

This is a training in how to LIVE yoga, not just do asana. I did deepen my physical practice and knowledge of yoga philosophy, but the most important (and unexpected) thing I gained is a sense that I am seeing myself and life through new, clear eyes. I'm suddenly aware of all of the unconscious habits and thought patterns that were defining (and limiting) so much of my life, and now I am more in control of them rather than the other way around. Coming back to my 'real' life after this training is like having a blank canvas before me, and I have a better sense of what I want to fill it with. My reality and sense of what's possible feels so much bigger. And I thought I was pretty happy with my life before! But be warned, there is no going back - only do this if you are ready to have your sense of reality turned upside down! -Kate Grisard, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Washington DC




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