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Living Food Chef Certification Course

October 11th – November 8th, 2015
Ubud Bali

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The Experience

It’s time. Are you ready?

Time to wake up. Time to live anew.

This could be the most important month of your life.

This immersion in learning to be a great chef promises and demands more than simply a love and appreciation of living food. We anchor the awareness that what we eat matters, that it affects how we feel and act in the world, and thus how we treat others. Radiantly Alive’s Living Food Chef Certification Course embodies this awareness and moves beyond cuisine and nutrition empowering us to live to our potential.

The Living Food Chef Certification Course (LFCCC) is an intensive training in the lifestyle of Living Food, a lifestyle that embraces and cultivates awareness, kindness and health in every aspect of our being and life.

Spiritual Bali offers incredible opportunities and abundant gifts - from succulent mangos and papayas, to vibrant organic vegetables, to life-giving fresh coconuts, to some of the richest cacao in the world. The fecund land, the creative and artistic locals with whom you will work, and the culture that holds us are all reminders of what we know already - that food is more than just a substance or sustenance. What goes into, and surrounds the food is as important as what it looks or tastes like.

yoga instructor

During this training you will learn the essential elements of living food nutrition and preparation from experienced and accomplished chefs. Additionally, and importantly, you will get a real world in-depth experience in actually preparing gourmet raw food in a real life situation. Under our experienced chef team, you will be crafting, creating and preparing three meals a day for a large group over the 28 day training period. This vibrant, loving health infused food will be feeding you, and the trainees of the Level I Yoga Teacher Training taking place at the same time and location of the Living Food Chef Certification Course. In this you will become an integral part of their process, helping them reach their potential as you reach yours.

As well as the amazing food and surroundings Bali offers some useful and curious challenges in technology, equipment and cultural sense and timing - all of which are quite different to the West. In order to best control hygiene and workflow, the LFCCC builds its own custom outdoor kitchen, trains Balinese people the value and art of preparing raw food and adapts our equipment to the space available. We create a practical workspace, a real world kitchen filled with love - even if it doesn't look like one from the west, or one from a TV show.

Its about more than just food…

For more than ten years Radiantly Alive has been innovating experiences and trainings to spark awareness of our true selves and empower people to be extraordinary in the culinary (and yogic) arts, yoga instructor and amazing in the art of life. Our whole team is completely devoted to making this the most powerful month of your life. Whatever it takes. We are dedicated to a world where everyone lives to his or her potential, where we are all radiantly alive.

Because of this, plus the location, the nutrition, the quality and experience of the guest faculty, the yoga, and our constant development and improvement, Radiantly Alive Trainings have become known and respected as the deepest, most thorough yoga and living food experiences in the world.

As a Living Food Chef trainee, your experience will benefit from the time working and learning in the kitchen, studying and learning in select classes with the full group (Yoga trainees and Living Food trainees) and optionally attending some yoga asana classes as well. You will learn an incredible amount about how to create and prepare Living Food for large groups - though your most valuable learning may be what you learn about yourself.

If you think food is the only ingredient needed for a fulfilled life - this isn't the right training for you.

We know that the energy with which the food is made is important. And we all know that the quality of the relationships, with each other and with the world, determine the quality of our lives. For this reason, at the LFCCC your educations goes beyond just food and will include self-inquiry in equal importance to nutrition, awareness and the art of gourmet Living Food.

In fact, the first five days of your training, will be less about food preparation and more about self-preparation.

This training is not for everyone!

Whether you join into the optional yoga classes or not, this will likely be the most challenging month of your life. Your learning will include the real-life experience of a kitchen’s time pressure. You’ll sweat, you’ll feel tired sometimes and you will probably have moments of doubt and fear; your inner voice may tell you that you can’t do it.

Though limited in capacity, the LFCCC is open to anyone willing to commit. No matter what your previous culinary, yoga or life experience – you must be ready to devote yourself 100% to the process and be ready to go beyond what’s comfortable or easy. If you are mostly interested in a certification, enjoy complaining, or are picturing a leisurely holiday, this isn’t the training for you.

You are the essence of your cheffing. We learn to share light through food – that state of oneness and perfection that is our essence – by uncovering it in ourselves first.

It is a big investment in money, time and energy. So take some time to read the rest of what is on this page. Check out the sample menu to get an idea of the detoxifying 100% Living food diet, the curriculum, the training and the faculty. See what a typical day looks like with Radiantly Alive, have a look at what previous alumni have to say.

Then, feel rather than think:

Is it time?

Are you ready?


Sonja Eberhard, Head Chef

yoga instructorBeing passionate about nutrition, yoga and health was just he beginning of the culinary journey for Sonja. Sonja’s 20 year long foray into the world of live food based cuisine has seen her working in numerours cafes and winders, opening her own café (Sonja’s Healthy & Tasty Foods) and training with raw talents such as Giles Hohnen, Matt Samuelson, Nwenna Kao, Sayuri Tanaka and Felix Schoener. Discovering the joy of sharing her knowledge with others and working on catering events for David Wolfe Sonja Assistant Sayuri Tanaka at Radiantly Alive’s Living Food Chef Certification Course in 2012. It was the perfect avenue to share and grow with trainees and Radiantly Alive Faculty and as such, Sonja returned in 2013 & 2014 as Head Chef – and is coming back to join and lead the training in 2015.

Jamie Louise: Assistant Head Chef & Presenter

yoga instructorJamie Louise uses food as her creative outlet by developing flavourful deep and nourishing dishes that highlight the unique qualities of local and organic produce.

Studying her own diet and the way certain foods affected her, Jamie’s culinary knowledge was put on the fast track when a friend whom is a traditionally trained chef gifted the Raw book by Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein. Jamie’s focus become Raw Cuisine in 2009 and in 2012 travelled to Ubud, Bali to study with Radiantly Alive and in 2013 she trained at the Matthew Kenney Academy in Santa Monica, California.

Born and raised in Melbourne, the epicentre of Australia’s thriving foodie scene Jamie reluctantly moved to Brisbane with her fiancé only to realise and found there were no options for her limited dietary requirements so she took matters into her own hands and just like her favourite quote ‘became the change she wished to see in the world’.

Jamie Louise kicked off the raw scene in Brisbane and opened ORAWGI the first 100% Raw, Organic and Vegan cafe in 2012 in Woolloongabba, Brisbane and then a 2nd store in Hamilton in 2014. The health food scene in Brisbane is now thriving and Jamie is proud to have been a part of such a positive change. In late 2014 and after 2 years of incredibly hard work the decision was made to close the cafes and focus on educating people in Raw Cuisine and the most important thing in life, vibrant health. Jamie is now healthier then ever and inspired to create magic in 2015 back in her hometown of Melbourne and through various projects all over this beautiful wide world!


Daniel Aaron - Program Creator, Lead Facilitator

yoga instructorYoga teacher, writer and human potential coach, Daniel leads trainings, workshops, classes and guides people to live their potential for happiness, health and success. Creator of the world recognized Radiantly Alive Teacher Trainings in 2005, Daniel also founded the Radiantly Alive Yoga studio in Bud, Bali in 2012. His own obsession with leaning and living radiantly brought him to learning from many of the modern masters, traveling the world with enlightened teachers and to delving into radically nutrition and cleansing. Blending what he has learned into a unique system of self-enquiry, movement and breath work, Daniel reaches people with compassion and evokes a space of understanding to inspire people to see their full range of possibilities. An unquenchable motivation to awaken himself and spark enlightenment in others has resulted in a profound awareness of human potential, the obstacles to living awake and a methodology to reaching it. He and is partner Lianne (midwife, writer and teacher) travel and lead together, grow and learn everyday with their three children and are most delighted and gratified by transformation and presence – in both themselves and those with whom they work.

James Mattingley - Coordinator, Teacher

yoga instructorTraveler, martial artist, yogi, movement lover, entrepreneur and public speaking specialist, James has a passion for exploring and creating integrated movement to enhance and improve all areas of life. He currently teaches and coordinates all teacher trainings for Radiantly Alive both in Bali and around the world. His class are powerful and evocative with a strong anatomic focus empowering students to explore their connection to the physical, to the mental and most of all, to the breath.


Our schedule is a product of love and constant improvement. Every training, over tens years worth, we refine, upgrade and improve the way we do things. This means the best is kept and refined, while new additions are constantly added.

Each day in the training is slightly different, and the schedule stays flexible to accommodate each individual training. There will be some optional and some required classes to join with the Yoga Teacher Training, though an average day looks more or less like this. Note that this is just an example schedule, and the day to day training will adjust as needed.

Live Breakfast preparation (for all trainees)

Prepare Lunch
Prepare evening buffet, chocolates, blissballs, deserts

Dinner & Following Day Prep


Fresh daily coconuts, tropical fruits, organic salads and raw chocolate is the ideal nourishment for the yogic and radiant lifestyle. The Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Training is the world's only yoga training and immersion that features gourmet, high vibration Living Food. We have access to incredible, bountiful organic produce, often picked within twenty-four hours of preparation in the kitchen; the world's best organic (really) raw cashews, cacao beans, cacao powder, vanilla; plentiful coconuts and tropical fruits; superfoods and herbs; and more. Meals and juices throughout the month will be provided as part of the program.

Think less carrot sticks and lettuce, and more raw lasagna, fresh tropical fruit consume & raw tiramisu.

An example of a typical days meal you will be preparing looks something like this:

An example of a day in the food life of a Radiantly Alive Training:

Tropical Fruit Salad and Chia Pudding with Buckwheat Granola
Raw Chocolates, Truffles and Bliss Balls

Zucchini Wraps with Kelp Noodles
Mixed Vegetables
Watermelon Gaspacho mixed with Fresh Salad & Spirulina Dressing

Brushetta with Tomato Basil & Bellpepper Pesto
Zucchini Cannelloni Stuffed with Macadamia Ricotta & Marinated Portobellow Mushroom with Wilted Spinach served with a Marinara Sauce

Greentea Tiramisu

Mouth watering yet?


The island of the gods, Bali and her people is a culture Yoga International magazine describes as 'living yoga.' Spirituality, harmony with nature, peacefulness - these elements embody the Balinese way of life. Ubud, an artist, healer and yogi Mecca, and is considered the cultural heart of Bali. Embedded in rice terraces, temples and powerful energy, at a slight elevation so cooler than the nearby coastal heat, Ubud's climate has turned it into the perfect yogic destination.

Your Investment*

What you get:

  • Hands-on working kitchen experience in real raw food kitchen - four-week Raw Food Chef Apprentice position
  • 3 x weekly workshops and classes to include the nutrition basics of raw vegan living food, raw kitchen safety, fermentation, different raw vegan diets, sprouting, super foods, conscious business and marketing basics, and much more!
  • International community of chef apprentices, yoga trainees and staff
  • All gourmet, organic, nutritious, raw vegan meals for entire month
  • Location of kitchen held in a beautiful remote location of Anahata Villas and Resort surrounded by rice terraces, temples and powerful energy
  • Accommodations for all raw chef apprentices at private luxury villa just a 5-min walk from training kitchen.
  • Participation in yoga classes and evening movies (as time permits outside of kitchen shifts)
  • Final Raw Chef Certificate of completion

What you pay:
All inclusive of above

  • $4200 Registration + deposit by March 30th 2015 (Early Bird Pricing)
  • $4750 Registration after March 30th 2015 (Full Tuition)


  • Fees (in US Dollar)
  • Does not include travel to and from Bali, or to resort faculties
  • Rooms double occupancy (upgrade to single rooms are available)

*This training has limited capacity - registration by first come first registered basis. Space on training reserved upon completed application form and deposit of USD $1000.

To Register

To register, or for more questions, contact:

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