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Rawfood Chef Apprenticeship

Radiantly Alive Raw Food Chef
Apprenticeship in Bali

Oct 24 - Nov 23, 2014

Calling all raw food enthusiasts! Radiantly Alive is offering very limited spaces for an incredible opportunity, for a one-of-a-kind Raw Chef Apprenticeship in Bali. Dive into four weeks of hands on training, up close and personal, with Master Raw Food Chefs and enthusiasts.

yoga baliThe Raw Chef Apprenticeship runs in parallel and support of Radiantly Alive's Yoga Teacher Training. Your education combines the best of all elements: Our Raw Food Chef's expertise, the practical and rewarding experience of preparing food for yogis, and interactive classes on nutrition, the raw food kitchen, and conscious business. All that will be supplemented by the opportunity to participate in portions of the yoga training, a dynamic and enthusiastic staff guiding the apprentices, plentiful and incredible all-organic local fruits, vegetables and super foods (coconuts, cacao, cashews and more) - and all set in the beauty of spiritual Bali.


Bali Raw foodSonja Eberhard
raw/vegan/macrobiotic chef & teacher

Being passionate about nutrition, yoga and health was the beginning of a culinary journey for Sonja. Moving to West Australia in 1996 changed the life of Australian born and European raised qualified jeweler and jewelry designer. Despite her lifelong passion for all types of food & cuisine, her 18-year professional foray into the culinary field coincided with her discovery of live plant based cuisine. Working in various wineries and cafes, and then opening her own cafe Sonja's Healthy & Tasty Foods for 3 years, gave her the starting point in building the reputation as "the local food Queen." In addition, having worked with likeminded raw talents such as Giles Hohnen, Matt Samuelson, Nwenna Kai. Sayuri Tanaka and Felix Schoener was not only a great learning experience but also an opening door to the raw food world.

The opening of Samudra, a centre with yoga, retreats and a raw café in the southwest of Australia, was the beginning of a new journey for her. Later…wanting a new challenge and a preference for being "behind the scenes," she continued to redefine her skills by eventually running the production kitchen, researching and developing new recipes for the café and creating raw granolas, crackers, wraps, ice cream, superfood elixirs and tonics and raw chocolates, which gave launch to Samudra's signature brand Biolive.

Being involved with retreats and workshops and catering for functions such as David Wolfe's Australian Longevity Tour, Sonja discovered a new passion in spreading her knowledge to people eager to learn and change their ways in improving their health. Inspirational teaching along with the freshest ingredients to nourish and energize the body, mind and soul are her two key ingredients in reaching those who seek to learn.

She was able to take that wisdom and passion through a new door when she received an invitation to assist Sayuri Tanaka at Daniel Aaron's Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Training and intensive Raw Chef course in Bali 2012. Now we're so grateful to see her journey continue as the head chef for 2013.

From Sonja: I believe that good food and health go hand in hand. Everything I do is based upon a desire to bring together culinary Art and ultimate nutrition. In my effort to achieve this goal, I employ innovative techniques and creative thinking to prepare minimally processed plant based cuisine that is delicious, vibrant and above all nutritious. I firmly believe in the balance in all things, food and lifestyle are no exception."

Bali RawfoodChristina Julius
Certified Nutritionist

Many roads and detours led Christina to a high raw vegan lifestyle. She grew up in France, Europe's home of gourmet cuisine, and moved to Germany to study and work in the world of international IT-marketing. At her first yoga classes in 2004 she met her teachers and vegan activists Gabriela Bozic, Sharon Gannon and David Life and quickly learnt all about the horrors of today's food industry. From then on she consciously chose a healthy and vegan lifestyle to bring more peace and loving-kindness into her life. She trained to become a certified naturopathic practitioner (German Heilpraktiker), focussing on homeopathy and holistic nutrition. She took the Jivamukti teacher training in 2010 and quit her successful 20-year career soon after to travel and start her internationally read blog sharing stories and recipes for a socially fair, ecologically sustainable, healthy and fulfilling way of eating and living. Today she lives and writes in a community in the Bavarian Forest in Southern Germany. In April 2014 her first vegan cook book will be published by Germany's leading Christian Verlag.

She met her raw chef teachers Sayuri Tanaka and Ben Richards in 2012 at a yoga retreat in Thailand. Having already experienced the magic and detoxing power of a raw vegan diet on herself, she made the move to learn to prepare raw food professionally and took the Radiantly Alive raw chef training with Sayuri and Ben. There she met and immediately connected with Sonja Eberhard and her professional and passionate way of working. She was very grateful to receive the invitation to assist at the next training and now Christina comes back to Bali every year to help provide the Radiantly Alive yoga teacher trainees with the powerful and vibrant food that fuels them during their intensive month-long experience. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and coaching individuals to find a diet tailored to their constitution and personal life goals. Her understanding of the healing principles and energetic attributes of food as conveyed in Ayurveda, macrobiotics, Chinese medicine, as well as modern nutrition science, builds the foundation of her work.

This summer Christina plans to study at Matthew Kenney's Raw and Living Foods Academy and PlantLab in California and Maine, USA and hopes to bring inspiring new recipes and techniques with her to Bali this year. She will be running the nutrition and raw chef theory workshop classes at the November training and assisting Sonja in the kitchen.

From Christina: "I have made food my spiritual practice. Spreading love and kindness to others starts with what I put into my mouth every day. Sourcing wholesome and seasonal plant based ingredients from farmers and producers in the area I live in is my passion. I believe that honest relationships and organic produce from real soil heal and nourish us better than anything produced in slavery and that traveled the world wrapped in plastic could ever do. I put loving-kindness and a healing intention into all my dishes and strive to prepare deliciously satisfying food for body and soul alike."

Gourmet Living Foods

Fresh daily coconuts, tropical fruits, organic salads and raw chocolate is the ideal nourishment for the yogic and radiant lifestyle. The Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Training is the world's only yoga training and immersion that features gourmet, high vibration Living Food. We have access to incredible, bountiful organic produce, often picked within twenty-four hours of preparation in the kitchen; the world's best organic (really) raw cashews, cacao beans, cacao powder, vanilla; plentiful coconuts and tropical fruits; superfoods and herbs; and more. Meals and juices throughout the month will be provided as part of the program.

The island of the gods, Bali and her people is a culture Yoga International magazine describes as 'living yoga.' Spirituality, harmony with nature, peacefulness - these elements embody the Balinese way of life. Ubud, an artist's Mecca, is the cultural heart of Bali. Embedded in rice terraces, temples and powerful energy, at a slight elevation so cooler than the nearby coastal heat, Ubud's climate has turned it into the perfect yogic destination.

Accommodations & Daily Transportation

Your brand new accommodations are situated within an artistic luxurious villa complex with 2 units villa of 3 bedrooms for each.

The adjacent villas are situated a simple 5 min walk from Anahata Resort, where your hands on experience will take place, and 4 km away from Ubud city center. The villa will provide shuttle service to Ubud, 4 times a day.


  • Large private swimming pool (8 x 4 meters)
  • Every room is featured with ceiling fans to add natural cooling ambience, as well as an air conditioner to reduce heat during day time.
  • Kitchen and dining area
  • WIFI available for free
  • Television in living room with major local channels about Indonesia
  • Free shuttle to Ubud max. 4 times a day on schedule
  • Well equipped kitchen
  • Daily Laundry service (separate charge)
  • Cars and drivers can be arranged upon request
  • Rental Bike and motorbike upon request
  • Safe deposit box
  • Security guard



  • Hands-on working kitchen experience in real raw food kitchen - four-week Raw Food Chef Apprentice position
  • 3 x weekly workshops and classes to include the nutrition basics of raw vegan living food, raw kitchen safety, fermentation, different raw vegan diets, sprouting, super foods, conscious business and marketing basics, and much more!
  • International community of chef apprentices, yoga trainees and staff
  • All gourmet, organic, nutritious, raw vegan meals for entire month
  • Location of kitchen held in a beautiful remote location of Anahata Villas and Resort surrounded by rice terraces, temples and powerful energy
  • Accommodations for all raw chef apprentices at private luxury villa just a 5-min walk from training kitchen.
  • Participation in yoga classes and evening movies (as time permits outside of kitchen shifts)
  • Final Raw Chef Certificate of completion

All inclusive of above from US$4200

Select from:

  • $4,200 - Double occupancy w/shared bathroom
  • $4,600 - Double occupancy w/en suite bathroom
  • $5,100 - Single occupancy w/shared bathroom
  • $5,400 - Single occupancy w/en suite bathroom

Note: Room options have limited and priority of preferences will be given by application and deposit receipt date.

Note :

    The apprenticeship education is largely based on work experience in the kitchen. Many of our head chefs have begun this way as an apprentice and have grown into very successful raw food chefs, opened their own cafes, started their own retreats and more. See application for further list of duties and responsibilities.

Apply Now! Very limited spaces.
Applications close May 30th.

Send in your completed application for review and consideration. The top candidates will be selected and notified by email.

Download : Know Before You Go
Contact us :

(UTC/GMT -5 hours) 1-(315) 791-4415

or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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