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Prenatal Vinyasa Teacher Training

Radiantly Alive Prenatal Vinyasa
Yoga Teacher Training

June 18 - 28, 2014 Yoga Alliance 85-Hour Registered [RPYT]
June 18 - 30, 2014 - Prenatal + Doula Training & Ceritification

Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio, Ubud, Bali

Jennifer More, E-RYT 500, RPYT, CHT, CD

Experience & Expertise

yoga instructorJennifer More is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an ERYT-500 Vinyasa and Prenatal Yoga (RPYT) instructor. She is a doula, doula trainer, and owner of Dolphin Doula; a certified master clinical and medical hypnotherapist, childbirth educator, and a mother. She has taught thousands of prenatal yoga classes and seen the powerful effect that doing prenatal yoga can have on a woman's body, self-confidence, childbirth experience, and postpartum recovery. She uses her training and experience to help women feel strong and powerful in their birth experiences and their lives.

Jennifer created and leads two bestselling prenatal yoga DVDs: "Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga ~ Jennifer Wolfe" and "Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga ~ Short Forms with Jennifer Wolfe." Jennifer's best selling DVDs have received noteworthy mentions in The New York Times, Fit Pregnancy, and Pregnancy Magazine and received the "Top Gear of the Year" award in 2007 from

Jennifer has studied yoga for the past sixteen years with a variety of instructors including master yoga instructor Doug Swenson with whom she completed her 500-hour certification. Along with her own trainings, she also teaches the prenatal portion of other 200 and 500-hour Yoga Alliance teacher trainings including Doug Swenson's yoga instructor trainings.

Committed to Creating Better Birth Experiences Jennifer's passion for the benefits of prenatal yoga extends beyond the United States. She has trained yoga instructors in Peru, China, Colombia, Dubai, Bali, Mexico, France and Australia, as well as many US locations in her Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga technique. Her style has also given yoga instructors the tools to modify poses appropriately in order to incorporate pregnant women into their existing flow classes in a safe and effective manner. Countless women from all over the world have contacted Jennifer and credited her yoga techniques with improving the quality of their pregnancies and their birth experiences.

In 2002, Jennifer opened the Dolphin Yoga and Doula Center, (now Dolphin Doula) to help laboring women and their partners prepare for positive birth experiences by providing knowledge, tools and a comforting environment for prenatal health and childbirth. Dolphin offers Doula and Postpartum Doula Services, Childbirth Education, Doula Training, Advanced Doula Training, and other childbirth preparation classes and events. Jennifer's love for yoga and passion in the field of pregnancy and childbirth has propelled her to reach out to medical practitioners to help build a bridge between the medical community and doulas.

As a hypnotherapist for the past sixteen years, Jennifer pioneered the Dolphin Method, which uses hypnosis for gentle birthing and anxiety reduction during labor. She has prepared thousands of pregnant women for childbirth and provided doula support in more than 450 births and has spent over 10,000 hours with birthing women. Jennifer is an educator at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, where she offers the Dolphin Method and Childbirth Hypnosis certification as well as pain management to doulas and hypnotherapists.


  • Tuition for all classes to Radiantly Alive Yoga 85-hour Yoga Alliance certifiedTeacher Training
  • Optional Doula Training includes 2 additional days of curriculum.
  • Incredibly thorough and well-considered curriculum – 85-100 hour experience
  • Led by world-renowned Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Doula teacher
  • International communityand program
  • Daily supportand mentorship from studio team
  • Exclusive, international recognition as certified RPYT
  • 10% Alumni discounton future Radiantly Alive trainings, events, workshops and products
  • Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training manualand any other handouts.
  • Complete electronic copy Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga double video set to supplement your training.

All inclusive of above
Prenatal only:

  • $1,275 - (if registering with deposit by January 25, 2014)
  • $1,450 - (if registering with deposit by April 21, 2014)
  • $1,525 - (if registering with deposit after April 22, 2014)

Optional: Rare opportunity for Doula Certification (2 day additional full days*):

  • Select one from above +$450

Doula course must be taken in conjunction with Prenatal Vinyasa, or with approval from Jennifer More if you have already completed full 85-hour prenatal course with her. If you are already her graduate, you must also re-attend prenatal classes on June 27-28.


  • Fees (in US Dollar)
  • Does not include accommodations, meals, prerequisite books for reports or travel to and from Bali or the Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio.

The Experience

Expand your career options while guiding pregnant women through the journey of pregnancy, and preparing them, physically, for the powerful transition of childbirth.

Overview 85 hour Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

The Dolphin Method Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training is a 10 day training which is intended for Yoga instructors* who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of their pregnant yoga practitioners, and safely guide them through all 3 trimesters of a healthy and active prenatal yoga class as well as addressing the needs of the postnatal student. All qualified graduates of this 85-hour training are eligible for the RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) designation from the Yoga Alliance. After completing this training you are only 2 more training days away from becoming a Doula!

What does this training offer?

Students will learn how to safely guide women in working with their individual changing bodies, helping to prepare them for labor and birth. We will train you to teach Prenatal Yoga in your own style, how to cue pregnant women in regular yoga classes, as well as how to teach the Dolphin Method Prenatal Vinyasa Style.

In her Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga trainings, Jennifer adapts Vinyasa Yoga for the needs of pregnant women, providing a system that works with the pregnant body without sacrificing the intensity that is needed to prepare for childbirth. This unique approach to prenatal yoga gives pregnant women the opportunity to safely remain active and challenged in their practice. The strengthening that occurs in yoga instructorthis Prenatal Yoga practice prepares the necessary muscles for labor and childbirth, often resulting in shorter labor, less pain, fewer interventions, and a decrease in the need for Cesarean sections. Learning to link breath and movements in a constant flow greatly increases the ability for women to work with their bodies, increasing the likelihood of a more natural and positive birth experience.

It is important to know how to teach pregnant women of all fitness levels, from those who just stepped into a yoga class for the first time to experienced practitioners with a strong practice. Jennifer's 18 years of experience as a yoga teacher and extensive experience in guiding pregnant women and training prenatal yoga teachers will be shared with you via classroom lecture, daily prenatal yoga practice, incredible birth and pregnancy stories, and multimedia presentations. She will be your personal guide, as you become an amazing prenatal yoga instructor! The 85 hour Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Training is augmented with a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and labor that will give you a more complete understanding and greater confidence in teaching yoga to pregnant women. Because of the extensive information covered in this training the 50-hour Dolphin Doula training can be completed in only two extra days.

Eligible Participants:

200 hour yoga teacher or equivalent*

Yoga Teachers:

200 hour yoga teacher training or equivalent*

  • This course is designed for people who are already certified yoga teachers, and therefore possesses knowledge in yoga poses and yoga philosophy.
  • There will not be extra time spent teaching basic poses. It is assumed that students will already possess this knowledge.

Non-Yoga Teachers:

  • For those in the childbirth field (Doulas, Midwives, etc) who would like to attend this training, please feel free to join in the class and be advised of that the course is tailored towards the above.
  • Non-yoga teachers will not be certified to teach prenatal yoga. You will, however, receive a certificate indicating that you have completed this training course. With those caveats stated, we welcome your presence in our class, as there is much valuable information to be gained, and your insights as a childbirth professional will benefit our group experience. Thank you for your understanding, and we are happy to have you as part of our group.

** Doula - A doula is a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous informational, physical and emotional support to pregnant women and their families/partners before and throughout the birthing process. A doula also typically meets with expectant families a few times prior to the birth, offering information and assessing their individual needs and desires to have the birth experience that they choose.


100% attendance to all components of the Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga training is required to become eligible for the certificate of completion which enables you to register with Yoga Alliance as a RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher).

Optional 50-hour Doula Training Experience:

For students who complete the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training a following 2 day Dolphin Doula Certification Course is available.

Dolphin Doula Course encompasses:

  • Understanding the different stages of labor
  • Working with doctors, nurses and midwives
  • Hospital etiquette
  • Code of ethics
  • Relaxation/hypnosis techniques for all learning styles.
  • Training in hypnosis & preparation for pregnant women or couples prior to the birth
  • The use of hypnosis during birth
  • Full labor support**
  • Breastfeeding support
  • The Psychology of labor, childbirth, and doulas

** Labor support entails emotional support, creating a safe environment for a birth under the direction of a medically trained practitioner (a medical doctor or midwife), the imparting of knowledge of practical techniques for pain management, and extensive knowledge of the birthing process itself.

Dolphin Doula Students will be eligible for Dolphin Doula Certification after they finish the required course-work ***

What does this training offer? After completing the Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, you will have a solid foundation of information about pregnancy, labor, birth and movement! The Dolphin Method™ birth doula certification and training is for those seeking a fascinating and rewarding career as labor support professionals or to deepen their understanding and skills as doulas. With only two more days of training and the required course-work you will be on your way to earn your certificate to be a Dolphin Method Doula. The information, experience and wisdom shared in this certification program has been developed and refined over 14 years, 10,000 hours of labor experience, over 450 births, and working with thousands of students all over the world; with amazing and powerful results. Many Doula trainings are only two days; with Dolphin Method we only train doulas in conjunction with our prenatal yoga training to ensure our doulas have a full toolbox to work with laboring women. Unique to Dolphin Method Doulas is an extensive understanding of poses that promote optimal fetal positioning for birth, and techniques to discover each woman's unique path to relaxation, which is valuable in the intensity of the birth experience! We look forward to guiding you through the process of becoming a birth doula and also, how to establish yourself as a professional in this industry.

Eligible Doula Training Participants

Graduates of the Dolphin Method 85hour Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

*** Doula Certification Requirements

  • Complete Dolphin Method Doula Training Requirements within 2 years of completing the training in order to earn your certification
  • Read 4 books from required reading list (below under Required Readings)
  • Become CPR & First Aid Certified
  • Read and sign the DM code of Ethics & SOP
  • Write a hypnosis induction for Childbirth Relaxation/Pain management
  • Pass the DM written exam
  • Complete payment of doula certification fees
  • Take a breastfeeding class or equivalent
  • Attend a childbirth education class in your area
  • Attend 3 births and:
    1. Every birth must be documented on the Assessment & Client Birth Record
    2. At least one birth needs to be a vaginal delivery
  • You must be with the woman for at least 2 stages of labor and at least 6 continuous hours.
    Each birth must have good evaluations from the following
    1. Client & Partner (if applicable)
    2. At least one support staff person (or doula mentor)


The Dolphin Method™ is a series of 12 principals that, when utilized, can dramatically improve the quality of women's pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum experiences. Since 1999, Jennifer has dedicated her life to improving women's birthing experiences, weaving in her years of training and practice as a hypnotherapist and yoga teacher with a quest for truth and good research; sifting through the myths, facts and benefits of beliefs and practices in pregnancy and birth. Through her discernment, ongoing research and practice, Jennifer has created a method for pregnant women to engage in a safe and challenging vinyasa yoga practice to prepare for labor, much like a marathon runner trains for race day.

The Dolphin Method increases the likelihood of a positive and enjoyable labor and birth. In addition to her expertise in Prenatal Yoga, Jennifer has applied her techniques and philosophy in over 450 births and 10,000 hours of labor she's attended as a Doula and the thousands of students she's trained all over the world.

Why Dolphin? Dolphins are nature's midwives, helping each other give birth and, in some cases, even helping humans give birth! The Dolphin Method embraces the wisdom of pregnancy and birth innate in each of us. By training in the Dolphin Method as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Doula, you will be a part of a beautiful ripple effect improving women's experience of birth. This positive pregnancy and birth experience benefits the health and empowerment of mothers, babies, families and communities around the planet.

When you take Dolphin Method Prenatal Yoga and Doula training with us, you join our Dolphin Method Circle of Teachers all over the world and plug-into the wealth of experience and support we have to offer, including private forums, a listing in our member directory, and discounts on additional trainings.


This Comprehensive Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training includes:

  • Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga ~ Asana and Flow
  • Prenatal variations and alternatives
  • Teaching Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga
  • Teaching Gentle Prenatal Yoga
  • Poses that pregnant students should avoid
  • Pregnancy precautions and warning signs
  • Being responsible with your pregnant students
  • Modifications for pregnant students attending regular flow yoga classes
  • Different levels/different bodies
  • Class sequencing
  • Modifications for each of the 3 trimesters
  • Yoga for common pregnancy discomforts
  • Psoas in motion
  • Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic teaching

Intro to Childbirth Education

  • Understanding the pregnant body
  • Understanding prenatal procedures and complications that your students will be experiencing
  • Stages and phases of labor
  • Common pregnancy discomforts, health concerns, and precautions
  • Warning signs of prenatal health issues
  • Pregnancy exercise myths vs. facts
  • Keeping pregnant women safe and working with the medical community

Pregnancy Anatomy

  • Understanding the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles as they relate to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum
  • Fetal position variations
  • How to achieve and maintain optimal baby positioning
  • Muscle release techniques
  • Labor Anatomy, understanding labor and childbirth

Partner Yoga

  • Prenatal partner yoga and adjustments
  • Yoga and massage during Labor
  • Beyond prenatal yoga asana ~ Relaxation techniques for childbirth

Postnatal Yoga

  • Postnatal precautions
  • Postnatal asana and flow
  • Diastasis recti identification and treatment
  • Yoga after cesarean birth or other medical interventions
  • Teaching mixed pre and postnatal classes

Doula Training and Certification

Basic doula training includes:

  • Techniques for helping women through every stage of labor
  • Working at hospitals & birth centers
  • Helping your client understand their options
  • How to engage emotionally with your clients
  • Labor positions and techniques
  • Psychology for doulas
  • Basic massage techniques for labor
  • Alternative birthing styles and situations

Yoga Alliance Accredited School

This is a registered program with Yoga Alliance. This teacher-training program is internationally accredited, have exclusive recognition and qualify for 85-hour Yoga Alliance Prenatal Registration. Yoga Alliance is an international governing board for yoga teachers and training programs in the United States and the rest of the world. Graduates of our program who have demonstrated an understanding of the material and complete all requirements will be eligible to register as a RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance.

Becoming a RPYT increases your status, brings you international recognition as a yoga teacher and optimizes your opportunities for employment as a yoga teacher worldwide. For more information, please visit:

Required Readings

The following books are required for certification. You do not need to bring the books to the training.

For those only taking the Prenatal Yoga training, please read the following books within 1 month of the completion of the training:

  • The Female Pelvis Anatomy & Exercises by Blandine Calais-Germain
  • Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn (4th Edition): The Complete Guide by Penny Simkin
  • Preparing For A Gentle Birth by Blandine Calais-Germain

For those taking the optional Doulatraining, read the preceding 3 books, plus:

  • The Labor Progress Handbook: Early Interventions to Prevent and Treat Dystocia by Penny Simkin


Check-in 8:30am Monday June 18, 2014

Prenatal 85-hour training

  • June 18-28, 2014 (one day off mid training)
  • Timing: Most days will be approximately 9am-5:30pm

Optional Doula training
Above schedule plus full days on June 29-30, 2014.


The Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio, Ubud, Bali

yoga instructorThis is the second prenatal training with Jennifer and hosted by the new Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio in Ubud, Bali.

The Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio encompasses everything that makes Bali magical. It blends the power of nature with the wisdom of the soul. It is a sacred place of harmony, health, and transformation.

As a trainee, you'll spend your days at the studio. The Studio is central in Ubud--right across the street from Bali Buddha. This training is not residential. You have the freedom to find your own place to stay and choose where you want to eat. Resources are listed in our Know Before You Go packet of information.



The island of the gods, Bali and her people is a culture Yoga International magazine describes as 'living yoga.' Spirituality, harmony with nature, peacefulness - these elements embody the Balinese way of life. Ubud, an artist's Mecca, is the cultural heart of Bali. Embedded in rice terraces, temples and powerful energy, at a slight elevation so cooler than the nearby coastal heat, Ubud's climate has turned it into the perfect yogic destination.

Places are Limited - Reserve Your Place Early


Pay just US$750 deposit and return completed application to reserve your space now.

Download Application here


Pay only the deposit now. Balance due in full by April 30, 2014. For those registering after this date, full tuition is due at time of registration.

Pay Only US$750 and Reserve Your Place Now

Please note that all transaction fees are the responsibility of the registrant.

  1. PayPal - instantly by clicking below (accepted with 4% service charge)
  2. Bank Wire
  3. Credit Card Payments (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover) accepted with 4% service charge.
  4. Monthly Pre-Training Payment Plan

Download : Know Before You Go

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