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Holistic Therapies

At Radiantly Alive we are interested in the most powerful and direct way to restore and improve our Radiance. We've brought together an incredible team of therapists from various modalities who deliver palpable and powerful results. From modern to traditional, our guideline is what works, offering you the same treatments we would give to our own mother on her birthday.

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Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

with Peter Caughey
Private Sessions Available

Heal the body through Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, Tui Na (Chinese massage), Chinese Herbal Medicine, Medical Qigong Healing, Acupressure, Reflexology, spinal adjustments and Meridian Energy Balancing. Peter specializes in treating sleep disturbances, insomnia, infertility, mental and emotional disturbances, and muscular skeletal conditions.

800.000 IDR / 60 minutes

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Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ubud, Bali – FAQ

How does acupuncture work?

By intersecting one of the energy meridians and sending a message into that meridian to make a change by tonifying, regulating, reducing, or unblocking the channel.

Does it hurt?

No. It’s nothing like an injection, acupuncture needles are tiny.

What happens in a session?

The main complaint is discussed. Patient history is taken. A pulse reading is taken. There is a discussion on the findings, then a discussion on the treatment principles. An explanation of needle insertions, description of point selections and why.

Patient rests while needles are in. Discussion of further treatments or other actions that could be instigated to bring about wellness. Herbal formulas are provided if required.

Schedule follow up appointment if required.

Why do acupuncture/TCM?

It’s tried and proven over thousands of years. It’s used by millions of people daily all around the world and is very effective with no side effects.

How do I prepare for my session?

Don’t have a big meal before the treatment. Go to the rest room. Wear loose clothing.

What can I expect afterward?

  • A change in the way that you felt before the treatment.
  • More relaxed.
  • Sometimes sleepy
  • Less pain in the body.
  • sense of peace.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Treatment

with Mesi Toth
Private Sessions Available

Let sound and vibration lead you back to the Source!

Singing bowls are placed directly onto your body, allowing sound vibrations to be transmitted directly to the organs, tissues and cells. The bowls are tuned to the sound of AUM, which helps silence the mind for self healing to occur.

Sound healing has the following benefits:

  • Profound relaxation and inner calm
  • Release of deeply stored psycho-emotional
  • and energetic blocks
  • Reduced pain and stress
  • Increased joy and restful sleep

500.000 IDR / 60 minutes

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Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls, Ubud, Bali – FAQ

What happens in a session?

We start the session with you lying on the ground face down. I open and clear the space with a short meditation. After, I place the bowls on your back and then give impulses through them to you using a couple of different padded mallets.

This will cause the resonance to move through each cell of yours, clearing the chakras while the sound guides you into a deeply relaxed state. Then I do the same on your front body.

In the end, I gently bring you back with the sound of a bell and then close the space.

Why do sound healing?

The body is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Illness is caused by disharmony within the body, mind and emotions. Sound healing helps to bring the body, mind and emotions back into harmony with the soul or spirit.

Sound healing stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms. It can relieve headaches, menstrual pains, back pain and other ailments.

How do I prepare for my session?

All you need to do is show up in comfortable clothes.

What can I expect afterward?

Most likely, you will be feeling calm and balanced after. In my experience, whatever material you come with to the session gets processed by either integrating or letting go of it. And the best part is that there is no need for discussing or analysing the process, it all happens on a psycho-energetic level, completely bypassing the thinking mind.

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