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Holistic Therapies

At Radiantly Alive we are interested in the most powerful and direct way to restore and improve our Radiance. We've brought together an incredible team of therapists from various modalities who deliver palpable and powerful results. From modern to traditional, our guideline is what works, offering you the same treatments we would give to our own mother on her birthday.

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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of removing bodily waste and detoxifying the body without the use of drugs. At Radiantly Alive we use the 'Woods Gravity Method'. Benefits include clearer skin, greater energy, mental clarity, weight loss, improved circulation and stronger immunity. After a session people tend to feel clearer, lighter and more radiant.

Price: 650.000 IDR / 60 minutes

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Conscious Body Massage

Help heal your body in a blissful hour of Kimiko's Intuitive Conscious Body Work. Using a unique and extremely effective massage technique inspired by Chi Nei Tsang, Kimiko will work deeply into your muscles and fascia, working tension from every part of your physical and energetic body. Leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and completely connected.

Price: 600.000 IDR / 60 minutes

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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Gain insight into your deepest values and goals, understand how the inner world of thoughts and feelings affects your interactions and how you can redirect or change your emotions to best support the life you want to create. In catered private sessions, Giuseppe will give you the tools to take full control of your thoughts and attitude, allowing you to turn impulsive reactions into conscious and deliberate responses.

These tools can then be applied to all aspects of your life to increase self-awareness, self-management and social awareness allowing you to sidestep obstacles that that have been preventing you from reaching your goals and building constructive relationships.

Price: 850.000 IDR / 90 minutes

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Movement & Energy Healing

The smoother our energy flows, the more efficiently our organs and facilities can operate. Learn the techniques and skills to practice Chi Kung in a private one-on-one setting to get your energy flowing in the way you need it. A minimum of three sessions is recommended. 'Shaolin Chi Kung' is 'high-level Chi Kung', which also means that the results are obtained quickly & tangibly. Practicing this art you will notice a rapid improvement in your health, concentration, energy levels and attitude to life.

Price: 1.000.000 IDR / 60 minutes

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Breath and Trauma Release

During a short interview we establish how trauma is held in your system and how it affects the quality of your daily life. You will be guided to bring your attention to the areas where you hold most tension and notice how it feels on the physical level. In order to activate this tension we use a special connected breathing technique called Trance Energetic Breathing (breathing through the mouth in a connected way without pause between in-breath and out-breath). As a result your body will charge up with energy which will facilitate the unblocking of tension, emotion, trauma, and/or prompt a full-body release. You will be supported to keep bringing your attention to the physical sensations you might be experiencing instead of getting lost in intensity of your expression.

The facilitator gently supports you by lovingly holding space throughout this breath session. Each session is different, and includes counseling, various physical exercises and hands-on work to help you breathe more fully.

Price: 1.000.000 IDR / 75 minutes

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Soft Tissue Structural Bodywork & Alignment

Special Guest Therapist: Chris Kummer
Sessions available April 24 - 28

During a treatment, Chris will assess individual posture, movement and alignment. Freeing up (mobilizing) tight areas and repositioning muscles and other soft tissues into better alignment releases restrictions, discomfort and improves mobility. Specialized exercises and alignment tips provide ongoing support and create preventative awareness.

A session with Chris can be beneficial for treatment, management and alignment of sports and yoga injuries. Treatments range from shoulder and neck discomfort, knee or ankle issues, lower back pain, and also to generally free up areas of the body for improved living and asana practice.

Price: 1.200.000 IDR / 75 minutes

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NeuroKinetic Therapy™

Special Guest Therapist: Jory Serota
Sessions available April 17 - May 14

NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) is an advanced muscle diagnostic tool and treatment. Through manual muscle testing, NKT detects compensation patterns in the body and discovers which muscle groups are firing properly and which ones are not. When there is an inhibition of a muscle group, other parts of the body compensate, leading to tight muscles, joints, fascia, and eventually pain.

Price: 1.000.000 IDR / 60 minutes

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