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Radiantly Alive
500 Hour Level II Immersion

Yoga, transformation & leadership

December 7th – 17th, 2015
Mana Retreat Center,
Coromandel Peninsula,
New Zealand

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The Experience

yoga instructor

Emerson is quoted as saying ‘who you are speaks so loudly no one hears a word you say.’

Yoga is often thought of as the ability to contort the body into strange shapes. As teachers, we stand in front of a room of people and ask them to do odd things with their bodies. We call this yoga, but somewhere inside we know that what we are really attempting to share is far beyond the physical. Yoga is really about liberation – practices to remind us of who we are, and to empower us to live free and awakened lives.

In this Level II training we will work hard on the mat. We will ruthlessly examine and develop the skills and methodology of teaching. Yet more importantly, we will refine and develop who we are as teachers and leaders. We have the opportunity, even the responsibility, to erase the separating lines between who we are in our lives and who we are in our roles as teachers.

Now more than ever, the world asks for our contribution. The root of what we can give, of how we can serve, is our dedication. This training is where the rubber meets the road – noble intentions and a desire to share and serve, become profound devotion and action to live, breathe and transmit yoga.

yoga instructor

Why are our Level II trainings so potent?

Devoted to growth and learning, Radiantly Alive has innovated a new approach to the timeless power of yoga. Our Level II teacher training immersions are geared toward evolving the understanding, practice and teaching of yoga; and are specifically designed to benefit those for whom yoga is already a way of life.

Our immersions are a carefully crafted synthesis of potent components - master teachers; focused, effective, and cutting-edge teaching methodologies; and a transformative learning environment - which combine to create a magical gestalt of experience. Each Level II training immersion also features a specific theme, which is relevant to the modern yogi aspiring to greater joy in a contemporary world. We explore the theme for each immersion through philosophical study, physical practice, and learning how to inspire those who come to us. Trainees can artfully put together their own intermediate yoga education by selecting which themes they are interested in exploring. Each one of Radiantly Alive's Level II immersions has a unique, never-to-be-repeated theme.

Themes and faculty schedules are included below. Each Level II immersion stands alone as a complete experience (100 CEUs), and any three of them may be combined to meet the requirements for the Yoga Alliance 500RYT training (prerequisites apply). Daniel Aaron, E-RYT 500, guides each immersion and orchestrates the curriculum, along with guest gurus in the styles of Astanga, Iyengar, Jivamukti and more.


We have bought together an internationally recognized team of teachers, trusting that the most experienced guides create the best journey. For this training Daniel Aaron leads a faculty that includes James Mattingley, Deborah Williamson, and Kelly Knot. We are also partnering with Denise Ferguson of New Zealand's Yoga Sanctuary to bring you our most potent Level II training yet.

Daniel Aaron - Program Creator, Lead Facilitator

yoga instructorYoga teacher, writer and human potential coach, Daniel leads trainings, workshops, classes and guides people to live their potential for happiness, health and success. Creator of the world recognized Radiantly Alive Teacher Trainings in 2005, Daniel also founded the Radiantly Alive Yoga studio in Bud, Bali in 2012. His own obsession with leaning and living radiantly brought him to learning from many of the modern masters, traveling the world with enlightened teachers and to delving into radically nutrition and cleansing. Blending what he has learned into a unique system of self-enquiry, movement and breath work, Daniel reaches people with compassion and evokes a space of understanding to inspire people to see their full range of possibilities. An unquenchable motivation to awaken himself and spark enlightenment in others has resulted in a profound awareness of human potential, the obstacles to living awake and a methodology to reaching it. He and his partner Lianne (midwife, writer and teacher) travel and lead together, grow and learn everyday with their three children, and are most delighted and gratified by transformation and presence – in both themselves and those with whom they work.

James Mattingley - Coordinator, Teacher

yoga instructorTraveler, martial artist, yogi, movement lover, entrepreneur and public speaking specialist, James has a passion for exploring and creating integrated movement to enhance and improve all areas of life. He currently teaches and coordinates all teacher trainings for Radiantly Alive both in Bali and around the world. His classes are powerful and evocative with a strong anatomic focus empowering students to explore their connection to the physical, to the mental and most of all, to the breath. James has studied with Daniel Aaron (Radiantly Alive Vinyasa), Edward Clark (Tripsichore Yoga), Debbie Williamson & Philip Urso (Live Love Teach), and Noah Maze (YogaMaze).

Lianne Schwartz - midwife, mother, educator

yoga instructorLianne Schwartz – midwife, mother, educator and guide into optimal health – passionately facilitates people to live empowered lives, to live to their full potential. A lecturer at Griffith University in Australia, she also works with Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Trauma Release, one to one and in workshops.


Deborah Williamson - Guest Faculty (US), Vinyasa

yoga instructorDeborah (Debbie) Williamson (founder/creator WILD ABUNDANT LIFE, co-owner/co-founder LIVE LOVE TEACH) is most passionate about helping people find their unique gifts in contributing to the world around them. Her credo, “Your life is your laboratory…Play!” influences what and how she teaches.


Edward Clark - Guest Faculty (UK), Tripsichore Yoga

yoga instructorThe creator of Tripsichore Yoga, Edward began studying yoga in 1979. Notable among his teachers are Narayani and Giris Rabinovitch, and he also admires Ashtanga vinyasa, Sivananda, Iyengar, and Viniyoga practices. The Tripsichore group has practiced daily for the past 23 years, devising and refining its techniques for asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, and dhyana. Edward fuses his keen artistic vision with a deep understanding of the essential pursuit of yoga practice. His classes are entertaining, demanding, and exhilarating.


Denise Ferguson - Program Facilitator & Yoga Sanctuary NZ Owner

yoga instructorDenise Ferguson has been a yoga teacher for ten years and a business owner for eight. She discovered Radiantly Alive in 2011 when she did a 100 hour senior teacher training module with them in Bali. She was impressed by the facilitation, inspired by the content and excited that she had found a training that felt very much in alignment with her own offerings at the Yoga Sanctuary. In 2014 she approached Radiantly Alive because she saw a need for a Yoga Alliance registered senior teacher training in New Zealand that was of exceptional quality and one that she could confidently and truthfully stand behind. Denise strives for professionalism and excellence in her professional life, likes to deliver more than she promises whenever she can, and understands that in order to be a great teacher, one must first be a great student.



For the first time Radiantly Alive is taking its Yoga Teacher Trainings out of Bali. What better place to start, than in one of the most beautiful countries in the world - New Zealand.

Mana Retreat Centre is nestled in the bush covered hills of the Coromandel Ranges, and is a registered charitable trust that has been established for the exploration and awakening of consciousness, the unfolding of our creative healing potential and realization of our essential Unity. What better place to hold a Yoga Teacher Training?!

yoga instructor


Our schedule is a labor of love, and the culmination of a decades obsession with details. During the training there will be set daily parameters, though it will retain some fluidity in order to best cater directly to the needs of the trainees on any given day. Each day will bring food, asana, exploration and rest early in the morning, and often go quite late into the night. An example of a Level II schedule looks something like this:

7:00am – 8:00am
Meditation and Pranayama

8:00am – 9:00am
Radiantly Alive Yoga Class

9:00am – 10:00am

10:00am – 1:00pm
Lecture (guest faculty or otherwise), discussion, technique

1:00pm – 2:00pm

2:00pm – 4:00pm
Lecture, discussion, practicum, asana

6:30pm – 7:30pm

7:30pm – 9:00pm
Most Evenings: Satsang, special activities, guest lecture, kirtan & more

Your Investment

Tuition Includes:*

  • Full access for all classes of Radiantly Alive’s 100 hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training
  • Internationally acclaimed faculty
  • Clean and comfy accommodation (twin share unless otherwise advised)
  • Delicious and nourishing vegetarian food
  • Alumni Discount on all future Radiantly Alive trainings, and products and services at the Radiantly Alive Studio

All inclusive of the above:

  • $2303 USD Registration + Deposit by April 30th, 2015 (Early bird pricing)
  • $2527 USD Registration + Deposit by Sep 30th, 2015 (Early bird pricing)
  • $2650 USD Registration + Deposit after Sep 30th (Full tuition)

*This training has limited capacity - registration by first come first registered basis. Space on training reserved upon completed application form and deposit.

To Register

To register, or for more questions, contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Radiantly Alive

A multi-style fusion of several great forms with heavy vinyasa influences. In addition to the phenomenal academic curriculum, enlightening philosophy, pranayama and meditation, the asana practice pulls from Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Iyengar and other playful and creative vinyasa influences.

"Daniel is a caring and dedicated yogi who has experienced the fullness of the teachings and brings that fullness to all those with whom he shares."
- David Life, co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga, author, master teacher.

For more information on Yoga Alliance, please visit:

Yoga Alliance Accredited School

Radiantly Alive Yoga is a registered school with Yoga Alliance. Our teacher training programs are internationally accredited, have exclusive recognition and qualify for both 200-hr or 500-hr Yoga Alliance Registration.

About Yoga Sanctuary New Zealand

This Level II training is brought to you in partnership with Denise Ferguson of the Yoga Sanctuary, New Zealand. The Yoga Sanctuary is a studio on Auckland's North Shore that offers Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga. For over ten years, the Yoga Sanctuary has opened its doors to hundreds of students seeking an inspiring and expert yoga experience. At the Yoga Sanctuary you will not just learn yoga, but you will be inspired by the teachers, you will be made to feel welcome and at ease, and you will be treated with fairness and respect at all times.

Yoga experience is required for this Level II training. More important, however, is an attitude of genuine desire to immerse yourself in the intensive program, a commitment to be present and to participate to the best of your ability in all classes, an eagerness for challenge, and a willingness to venture beyond your comfort zone.

These attributes are absolutely necessary. In other words, if you`re only interested in the certification, a leisurely yoga retreat or holiday, this training is not for you.

If you have not completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, though you feel that your experience might qualify you for this unique, empowering training, then we'd like to hear how you feel you qualify. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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