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Events & Workshops

Some incredible people come through Bali, and Radiantly Alive. We hand-pick our favorite artists, musicians, thinkers and teachers to distill & share what they have cultivated. Check out our workshops, performances, trainings (and more!) below:

Upcoming events

yoga Bali
Daniel Aaron - Transformational Breath®
Dec 7
2 - 5pm

Transformational Breath® is a complete self-healing system using conscious breathing to facilitate improved well-being, inner peace and greater joy in life. This technique utilizes the transformative power of breath to relieve years of deep emotional and physical tension.

Rise above restricted breathing patterns and experience:
  • Improved physical energy
  • Bodily detoxification
  • Improved emotional well being
  • Spiritual connection
Transformational Breath® empowers us to remember who we are and create what we want. It enhances our physical energy, emotional health and spiritual connection.

Price: 350.000 IDR
Early bird: 250.000 (until 4 Dec)


yoga Bali
Giten Tonkov - BioDynamic Breath & Movement
Dec 15
1 - 4pm

Deep Exploration Through Breath, Movement and Sound

In this workshop we will use the tools of breath, conscious movement, partner exercises, conscious touch and sound. This combination will support us to move into the depths of our being and uncover and release long term core tension. This creates space for trust to arise.

Price: 350.000 IDR
Early bird: 250.000 (until 12 Dec)


yoga Bali
Mitchell Gold - Structural Bodywork Intensive
Jan 5 - 11
10am - 6pm

A Fascial Exploration of the Body.

This course will offer a practical exploration of structural alignment based on the principles of Structural Integration (aka 'Rolfing'). Techniques of observation, analysis and fascial release will be developed and honed throughout the course. These techniques are of value to bodywork practitioners, movement and asana teachers. Hands-on practice throughout the week will be supported by personalized guidance.

Price: 9.500.000 IDR
Early bird: 7.600.000 (until 26 Dec)


yoga Bali
Jennifer More - Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
June 8 - 18, 2015

85 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (RPYT)

Expand your career options while guiding pregnant women through the journey of pregnancy and physically preparing them for the powerful transition of childbirth.

This course is intended for Yoga instructors who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of their pregnant yoga practitioners. Learn to safely guide them through all 3 trimesters of a healthy and active prenatal yoga class and address the needs of the postnatal student. All qualified graduates of this 85-hour training are eligible for the RPYT designation from the Yoga Alliance.

(if registering with deposit by January 25, 2014)
$1,450 (if registering with deposit by April 25, 2014)
(if registering with deposit after April 25, 2014)


ubud yoga
Peter Caughey - Qigong
Tuesdays and Thursdays
7:30am - 8:45am

Learn the Centuries Old Practice of Traditional Qigong

Qigong is one of the four aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s practiced by millions of people around the world, renowned for its ability to remove energy or “Qi” blockages, bringing the student to a higher level of health and longevity. This class creates a sense of peace in the heart and a deeper connection with self and nature.

Regular Class Price apply


ubud yoga
Sanna - Tibetan Heart Yoga
Every Friday
2 - 3:30pm

Tibetan Heart Yoga is a gentle asana practice with a strong focus on the breath and different meditation techniques. It combines the traditional Indian asanas (postures) with authentic visualizations, meditations and breath practices of Tibetan Buddhism. Historically, when Buddhist teachings traveled from India to Tibet, the Yoga Sutras and related yogic teachings were transmitted at the same time. Hence, the Buddhist lineages of Tibet have always considered yoga a key aspect of Buddhist practices. Tibetan Heart Yoga emphasizes the meditative and spiritual aspects of yoga as being of equal importance as the postures.

Standard class prices apply


ubud yoga
Acacia Jade - Yoga Dance
Every Sunday
2pm - 3.30pm

An energizing combination of yoga and dance set to music.

Yoga Dance is a fun, sacred, sensual, organic, moving meditation designed to connect you to your inner child and experience freedom in body, mind and spirit. The class is choreographed to exhilarating music and uses detailed alignment cues from a yogic perspective to ensure dancers use their bodies effectively and safely. Emphasis is placed on body and breath connection, music and emotion to create a deeply transformative meditative state.

Normal class prices apply


ubud yoga
Acacia Jade - Kids Yoga
Every Sunday
9 - 10.35am

Children age 3-10 are welcome to join a yoga-based creative activity at Radiantly Alive. The classes are led by our super playful yogini Acacia Jade, and include a hybrid of music, acrobatics, dance and story-telling.

Kids must be toilet independent to join. Water is provided. No food is permitted in the studio. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class, and stay with your child until they feel comfortable on their own.

Price: 60.000


bali yoga
Agung - Salsa Fever!

Monday, Wednesday 4pm

In these classes, you'll learn the basic foundations of Salsa … most importantly, how to listen to the music so you can step to the timing. We'll cover basic steps, turns, and body movements in a fun and lighthearted environment. No experience necessary, just a willingness to let loose.

Tuesday, Thursday 6pm

Ready to move beyond basic steps? In each class, learn and practice new variations of various steps and turns called combinations. As you master more and more of the skills being taught, you will be able to start creating your own combinations. This will help you to dance in deeper connection with your partner, and enjoy the music.

All of this takes place under the guidance of expert trainers led by Ubud's favorite Salsa teacher, Agung. No need to bring a partner…but please bring your Salsa hips!

Standard class prices apply.


bali yoga
Sanna - Ashtanga Vinyasa

Ashtanga Inspired
Wed & Thurs 5-6:35pm

Guided classes give beginners a sense of the structure of the practice. The teacher leads the class as a group with clear instruction on each pose & the breathing technique. Guided classes are great for learning how to practice and also for the energy that comes from everyone breathing and moving together.

Mysore Style, Self Practice
Mon, Wed & Fri 7-9:30am (arrive 7-8am)

A method of self practice (as taught in Mysore India, it's place of origin) under the guidance of an experienced teacher. This approach allows the student to practice at their own pace and level of ability.

Standard class prices apply.


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