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Events & Workshops

Some incredible people come through Bali, and Radiantly Alive. We hand-pick our favorite artists, musicians, thinkers and teachers to distill & share what they have cultivated. Check out our workshops, performances, trainings (and more!) below:

Upcoming events

yoga Bali
Peter Caughey - Self Defense for Travelers
Aug 8
1 - 5pm

How to stay safe while traveling abroad and living in Bali.

The best way to avoid becoming a victim is taking preventative measures. Learn how to make new informed choices that help prevent you from getting into danger so that you can be confident to live and travel without fear.
  • Improve your situational awareness
  • Take ownership of your personal safety
  • Avoid unexpected confrontations
  • Develop deeper intuition, assertiveness and create stronger social boundaries
  • Defend yourself and your personal property with clear personal security strategies
Price: 300.000 IDR
Early bird: 200.000 (until 5 Aug)


yoga Bali
Giten Tonkov - BioDynamic Breath & Conscious Movements
Aug 9
1 - 4pm

Break through your conditioned breathing and movement.

In this experiential Biodynamic Breath and Conscious Movement Workshop we will explore what it means to fully let go of our controlled breathing pattern and conditioned movement. We will experiment with deep connected breath coulped with conscious movement to regain flexibility of our spinal column and helps us to release long held shock trauma and constriction from your nervous and muscular system. This work suports you to experience a profound and deep state of freedom, relaxation and letting go. When we begin to fully breathe we become vibrantly alive.

Price: 350.000 IDR
Early bird: 250.000 (until 6 Aug)


yoga Bali
Giten Tonkov - Chakra Breathing Meditation
Aug 19
6 - 8pm

Align your breath, meditation and chakras for profound inner peace.

This active meditation uses deep, rapid breathing and body movement to open and bring awareness, vitality and silence to each of the seven chakras and into your life. A powerful Bio-Energetic practice, this meditation will support your full emotional and physical opening bringing you to a space of 'No-Mind', deep ecstatic experience and profound inner silence.

Price: 350.000 IDR
Early bird: 250.000 (until 16 Aug)


Karin Gurtner & Mumu Morwitzer - SLINGS MYOFASCIAL TRAINING (only 2 spaces remaining)
August 9 - 21, 2015

ubud yoga Educate your body and mind while decompressing on the island of gods!

Course Materials

Being an 'education family' of literature and art lovers at art of motion, we provide you with the best quality course materials.

As part of the training you will receive three up-to-date, comprehensive course books that include hundreds of photographs as well as a movement dvd to inspire and guide you.

The course books are available in English and German.

Being Prepared

To make the most of our educational time together, the books will be posted to you prior to the training for pre-course reading.

Education Investment

Early bird rate: CHF 1,710 / AU$ 1,890 / US$ 1,800 / EUR 1,620
Full amount to be paid by 26 June 2015

Regular rate: CHF 1,930 / AU$ 2,100 / US$ 2,070 / EUR 1,800
Full amount to be paid by 25 July 2015


To make the most of our educational time together, the books will be posted to you prior to the training for pre-course reading.

Deposit: CHF 500 / AU$500 / US$ 500 / EUR 500


Ubud offers a broad range of accommodation types for all budgets therefore we will leave it up to how to spend your time in spirited Bali. On our website you can download a list of accommodations close to the centrally located training venue.

Booking & More Information

You can book directly on the art of motion website or send us an email. A course confi rmation and payment instructions will be emailed to you by either Irene or Amy, our offi ce ladies in Switzerland and Australia (respectively).

On our website you can also fi nd a lot more information about the course content and our movement and education philosophy.


Via art of motion Switzerland
Via art of motion Australia

Contact Us

art of motion Switzerland
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+41 31 311 14 41

art of motion Australia
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+61 432 034 958

Download more info here


Jose Jimenez with Acacia Jade - FlyHighYoga Teacher Training
August 24 - 29, 2015

ubud yoga Fly High, Defy Gravity and Have Fun.

Through FlyHighYoga the mind becomes still, core strength is enhanced and students leave the class feeling whole. Join Jose and Acacia for a fun 2 day intensive that expands into 4 days of FlyHighYoga teaching techniques.

During the intensive learn yoga belt safety and belt supported yoga postures including inversions, backbends, hip openers and more. In the teaching section learn how to link postures together in a powerful and effectively sequenced class, explore hands on adjustments and learn to cue supported yoga postures clearly.

Upon completion of the 6-day program you will receive your own FlyHighYoga kit and a certificate of completion. This course is a great compliment for current teachers of yoga and fitness professionals but open to all levels.

Price: 7.500.000 IDR - 6 days
(Only 6.000.000 before August 21)

3.000.000 IDR - 2 day intensive only


Peter Caughey - Forest Rock Acupressure Certification
August 31 - September 4, 2015

ubud yoga Transform your healing techniques with Forest Rock Acupressure Certification Training course.

Gain a deep and practical understanding of the Acupuncture points, their correlation to the respective meridians and organs and be able to formulate treatment strategies. Remove blockages and restore vital energy through daily Qigong and hands on Acupressure training. Achieve the certification to practice Acupressure Healing by Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong Monastery School.

Price: 5.000.000 IDR
Early bird: 4.500.000 IDR (Until August 28 )


Landon Carter with Daniel Aaron - Radiant Life Activation
Oct 3 (Free Introduction, 7 - 9pm)
Oct 4 to 6 (9am to 10pm each day)

ubud yoga Now is the time to have the life you want.

There’s life as you know it. There’s life as you know in your heart it could be. What if you had the power to shape every aspect of your life - family, relationships, business, health, creativity, finances, spirituality, sexuality, etc. - into full delight, full alignment with your highest vision?

What if you could access that power in 3 days and one night?
Landon Carter, world renown trainer and spiritual teacher in the warrior tradition, a man who’s spent 40 years learning and teaching the fundamentals of mastery, whose own life - from guiding thousands as an EST trainer, to work with CEOs, to his books and workshops - pulses as a model of what is possible.

More importantly - he will both show you how to create your life and give you access to it now through illuminating what’s been in the way that we never before saw. Through an encompassing love, uncanny perception and a ruthless commitment to you breaking-through to a new world of your creating, Landon becomes part friend, part guide and complete ally.

You will leave this intensive with a deep understanding of who you are, the mechanisms of your ego and how reality is created. This “knowing thyself” opens the possibility for having all that you ever wanted – the love, happiness, and ability to express yourself freely that is your birth right. Landon gives you the operating manual for being a human we all should have gotten at birth – but it is never too late to have the life you want!

Your investment? Three days, one night, and an open mind and heart. Your reward? The tools and understandings necessary to create the life of your dreams.

Price: 5.500.000 IDR
Early bird: 4.500.000 (before 3 September)

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