The Power of the Pyramid


“Most yoga styles are internal, they look inside to help create a better outside, Yoga pyramids looks to the external, to other people, to trust and build a strong foundation, both figuratively and literally.”

Noga Pyramids-3It’s not always easy to step away from the comfort of the familiar and challenge oneself to try something different.

This was the theme presented by Radiantly Alive teacher, Noga Weiz, at the vaunted Bali Spirit Festival held just over a week ago here in Ubud. Being offered five packed days of therapies, dance classes and workshops from dozens of world renown yoga names, deciding to do something different from the usual takes a special sense of adventure! In this case, we found thirty individuals with that undeniable desire to break away from the pack and try Yoga Pyramids – a thrilling combination of acrobatics, yoga postures and beautiful shapes formed by the merging of many human bodies!

Noga, a seasoned yoga teacher and other-life Israeli circus performer, began the class by explaining the fundamental difference between most styles of yoga and Yoga Pyramids.“Most yoga styles are internal, they look inside to help create a better outside, Yoga pyramids looks to the external, to other people, to trust and build a strong foundation, both figuratively and literally.”

After a few minutes of ice-breaking among the thirty then-strangers, Noga guided the class through some simple but challenging ground positions to build the core and create a sense of togetherness through touch. Once this rapport and trust was built, some truly impressive shapes started to emerge. There were stacked chaturangas, uttanasanas, headstands and even downward dog pyramids! Describing it is no comparison to the power of a photo.

Throughout the entire class, smiles and laughter were never far away. As the class progressed, so did the sense of community and the feeling that through shape, touch and yoga, thirty separate people can become more connected, if even just for a couple of hours.

Noga Weiz runs regular weekly classes at Radiantly Alive, alongside the semi-routine yoga pyramids classes and workshops. Head to our studio in Ubud or check out our online schedule to learn more!

Noga Pyramids-2

Noga Pyramids


Radiantly Alive at Desa Seni’s Yogathon

By James Mattingley

HoseArriving at Desa Seni and seeing five or six Radiantly Alive teachers and what felt like half the Radiantly Alive students, the day started with a familiar feel to it. Of course the difference was that here there were dozens of guest teachers, great vegetarian food, a fashion show and (thankfully) a wonderful swimming pool. And all of this carried a karma double whammy; the entire event was to raise awareness and money for a great cause.

The annual Yogathon event is a gathering of like minded people converging on the Canggu resort Desa Seni to yoga, dance, catch up and support Ayo! Kita Bicara. Ayo Kita Bicara is a much needed Balinese run charity to raise awareness and increase prevention measures for HIV, a now wide spread endemic problem in the Balinese community. With a 2013 report showing that Bali was the second highest region in Indonesia for HIV infection, Ayo! Is a foundation that is in definite need of all the support they can get both at an event like Yogathon and on any day that ends in a Y.

Among the teaching staff from Radiantly Alive there was Jose Jimenez teaching FlyHigh Yoga (hanging belts), Noga Wiez and Acaicia Jade teaching Kids Yoga and Rusty Davis and Mira Rao along to assist and support.

First up was Jose with FlyHigh Yoga at 11am and it was filled to the brim (even with 26 belts there was still two people to each belt!) with eager yogis ready to get their hang on. Jose taught with the confidence and humor of one who has helped people be upside down plenty of times before. Which he has. Not only does he teach twice weekly FlyHigh classes at Radiantly Alive, he even has his own Fly High gear.  Though the classes were limited to one hour, there where plenty of beautiful poses struck, like this upside down king pigeon, plenty of slips … and a ton of smiles and laughter.


Noga and Acacia’s joint class was next up at 2pm. This was a class of creativity and smiles filled with tiny happy faces – this was yoga, kid style. The ages ranged from around five to ten years old and each contributed to being flowers, choosing their favorite poses, answering their foot phones and releasing their inner lion. Rawr. By the looks on the kids faces, kids yoga was a resounding success. And by the look on the two teachers faces… it was hard to tell who enjoyed it more!

Lastly to teach, from the Radiantly Alive crew, was the founder of the studio, Daniel Aaron. Sadly my ride left before he started, but speaking to him the next morning it sounded like hanging belts wasn’t the only place people got to see the world upside down. Daniel was impressed by the high level and dedication of practitioners in his class and their willingness to engage in a challaenging inversion based class. Further, Daniel wanted to express deep gratitude to Ayo! which in his words is a problem ‘that’s not only difficult to prevent, but difficult to get people talking about to prevent’. This is exactly what Ayo! is doing, removing the taboo around speaking about the problem, in order to help prevent it in the future.



Radiantly Alive Essential Alchemy – What you need to know

Magical mixes

At Radiantly Alive, we have created Essential Alchemy – a range of handcrafted, exquisite and high potency Essential Oils that are unique in their integrity, quality and effectiveness.

What makes our Essential Oils Different?

At Radiant Alive, the majority of the oils we utilize are steam distilled. This method, unique in its ability to preserve the potency of the natural compounds and overall integrity of the oil, is our preferred approach for creating oil.

At Radiantly Alive we celebrate the relationships that we have with artisan growers, wild-crafters and distillers that reap the purest plant material, who care for their splendor to bring it to us.

At Radiantly Alive we are passionate about the art of enriching people’s lives.

These are the guidelines that our products stand by:

1. The best quality ingredients available on the planet. Our longstanding relationships with artisan distillers bring us the purest oils. We personally inspect each batch.

2. Organic or better. Nearly all plant material used is either organic or wild-crafted. We always use the very best ingredients possible. Our “minimum standard” is the use of organic ingredients; and we upgrade to wild-crafted ingredients whenever possible.

3. Our fanaticism for purity. We require that every component, every part of the process must be the highest possible quality. We use no chemicals, preservatives, coloring or synthetics.

4. Optimized processing. All of our distillers use a low temperature, slow distillation method that maximizes the potency, purity and magic of the oils.

5. Results. Each custom blend is uniquely and artistically formulated with a scientific basis. They work.

6. Fair trade. We ensure that every step in the process honors each contributor. We establish and cultivate win-win relationships.

7. Cruelty free. Aligned with vegan ethics of respect and appreciation for all beings, no animals are harmed in any stage of producing RAEA. All of our products are friendly to the environment and its inhabitants.

8. Personal endorsement. Each of our products was born from brainstorming, research and much experimentation, and we use them ourselves on a daily basis. You’d find them all on our bathroom shelves.

9. Hand-crafted. We purchase ingredients, formulate, test, bottle, label and ship every item we sell.

10. Natural is better. Though modern medicine has generated amazing findings, it is still unable to match or understand the complexity and perfection of the therapeutic mechanisms of a single essential oil.

You can find out more on our website and also order online at-

Are you new to the world of Essential Oils?  Read more here to find how just how incredible and beneficial Essential Oils can be to your health, mood and overall wellbeing…